From DNA Travel to Professional Cuddlers, 2017's Best in Health and Wellness

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Updated: 30 November 2017
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If there was ever a year when aligning your mind and body was essential, 2017 was it. Culture Trip explored the lengths some would go to in order to achieve healing and, in some cases, just to make themselves more beautiful. From sex robots to professional cuddlers, here’s what happened in health and wellness this year.

People are getting paid to cuddle

Hygiene and clean clothing are of paramount importance if you want to be a professional cuddler. But more importantly, you may be providing invaluable healing to people with anxiety and depression. Read more here.

Location can make or break plastic surgery insta-fame

New Yorkers don’t make a fuss about celebrities, nor do they want everyone knowing whether the nose they have today is the same one they had in middle school. Read more here.

©Culture Trip/Alex Mellon 

Millennial women embraced mystical healing

Shamans, energy healers, and even psychics have become as significant in many women’s wellness routines as daily meditation. Read more here.

Luxury adventure travelers are challenging the status quo

Groups who don’t see themselves represented in the mainstream travel lexicon are creating their own communities, and gaining millions of faithful followers in the process. Read more here.

Where you live is having a huge impact on how long you live

The people in the Southern California town of Loma Linda live far longer than the national average. Wellness Editor Esme Benjamin traveled there to speak to some of the residents and find out why. Read more here.

©Culture Trip/Alex Mellon 

Sex robots could soon replace human intimacy (theoretically)

The future of sex tech offers consumers complete control over the sexual experience, without the risk of heartbreak. But, no matter how advanced sex toys get, “you can’t take a vibrator home to meet your mother.” Read more here.

People are traveling to trace their ancestry

23andMe, a DNA testing service, took people on all-expense paid adventures around the world to trace their ancestry. Read more here.

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