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Creating Mashups of Your Favorite 2000s Hits Is the Best Worst Thing You Will Do Today

Picture of Ryan Kristobak
Music Editor
Updated: 27 February 2017
We’ve all asked the same question at some point in our lives: Why hasn’t anyone ever created a mashup of Lil Jon’s “Get Low” and Smash Mouth’s “All Star.” Well, no more will this question exist, for the solution is here and it’s you.

Website has compiled 43 of the biggest hits from the 2000s that visitors can choose from to craft a variety of simple mashups. Separated into two columns, users select a hip-hop song — 50 Cent’s “In Da Club,” Eminem’s “Real Slim Shady,” Nelly’s “Country Grammar” — and drag it over to one of the highlighted indie/rock tracks —Evanescence’s “Bring Me To Life,” The White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army,” Panic! At the Disco’s “I Write Sins Not Tragedies.” In a couple of seconds, the site generates the combo track that features the hip-hop vocals over top of the indie/rock instrumental, as well as a few vocal clips when needed; it’s a simple process that gives you tenfold in return. While some songs fit better with others, the results are always terribly amazing and you won’t be able stop until you’ve heard every last one of them.

Head over to the site and make all of your mashup dreams come true.