Check Out the Creative Cones We've Seen This Summer

Taiyaki | © rhododendrites / Wikimedia
Taiyaki | © rhododendrites / Wikimedia
Photo of Kathryn Maier
Nyc Food & Drink Editor29 August 2017

Remember how, way back when, if you wanted ice cream in a cone, you used to have a choice of only cake, sugar, or waffle cones? Then came waffle cones dipped in chocolate, and maybe with sprinkles on the rim. We’re way past those days now.

The past few years have been ramping up to a creative-cone explosion, and we’re going to declare that it’s finally here. Check out a few of the different types of ice cream cones we’ve seen this summer.

Some brightly colored cones

You’ve got to match your ice cream to your cone to your nails. We recommend choosing your flavors from The Konery in advance so that you can plan your manicure accordingly.

all purple errrthangg 💜 (📷: @foodie.dreams)

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A triple dose of #konery 👌🏼 (📷: @hungryhugh)

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And some “goth” cones

Several places are doing charcoal-colored cones; the ones from Little Damage may just be our favorite.

You can try a pretzel cone

Like this one from Ample Hills Creamery.

Mix & match: flavors and cones. (📷: @nedfedbed)

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Or a “taco shell”

It’s basically a waffle cone in a different shape. These ones are from the brand-new Roll Up Creamery & Café.

This creation from 10 Below Ice Cream manages to resemble both a taco and a burrito simultaneously.

Or a churro cone

Just in case a churro ice cream sandwich isn’t enough for you, check out a full-on churro cone from Chikalicious.

Or a Hong-Kong-style egg waffle

We adore the over-the-top offerings from Wowfulls.

Sugar boost > caffeine boost on a 🌧☔️ Monday 📷: @thestephaniehan

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And from Eggloo.

Everything we ever dreamed of #icecreamfordinner

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And this gorgeous creation from The Dessert Kitchen.

A watermelon slice instead of a cone

Two refreshing summer foods—watermelon and soft serve—together, courtesy of Dominique Ansel.

Or a cupcake instead of a cone

Soft Swerve uses a cupcake from Brooklyn Cupcake as a base for their soft serve.

Or puff pastry instead of a cone

Like this matcha-taro swirl at Besfren.

This one’s bear-y good

Recess Ice & Desserts is making bear cones and they’re adorable.

It’s…both a fish and a…unicorn?

These cones from Taiyaki NYC are a little confusing, but we’d still eat ’em.

We couldn’t think of a corny pun… unicorny pun? Available this Friday (5/26) ~~ #unicorn #taiyakinyc

A post shared by Taiyaki NYC (@taiyakinyc) on

And if these aren’t enough ice cream options, you could always try a churro ice cream sandwich, or ice cream in a doughnut. Really, these days, the sky’s the limit.

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