This Is How You Can Pack 100 Items in a Carry-On Bag

© STIL / Unsplash
© STIL / Unsplash
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Social Media Editor23 January 2018

Everyone knows a traveller’s worst nightmare. You arrive at the baggage claim and watch it spin until you are absolutely certain your suitcase is not on it. Of course, the easiest way to avoid this scenario is by packing a carry-on bag instead of checking any luggage, but what if you are going on quite a long trip? How can you possibly fit everything you need into a mere 56 x 35 x 22 cm container? Well, do not fear, because we are here to show you how it can be done!

There are a multitude of tricks to packing up to 100 items you need for your trip into a carry-on bag. But the first we must mention, has to do with folding. Fold vertically! This not only saves you space, but also let’s you see everything that’s in your bag so you don’t necessarily have to ever unpack.

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Some people swear by packing cubes as opposed to vertical folding, and if that’s more your vibe, go for it. Packing cubes kind of act like vacuum packs, so they keep you organised and make everything within them as flat and compact as possible.

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But whether or not you choose to use the cubes, make sure you put as much as you possibly can into travel pouches. Underwear and socks? Put them in a pouch. Toiletries? Pouch. Chargers? Pouch. You get the gist. Stray items take up more space and cause mess, so make sure to avoid this by zipping everything up.

Speaking of saving space, make sure to put any beauty products you are travelling with into the smallest containers possible. Only take what you need, even if that’s less than the amount you’re allowed to carry on. This is a great and simple way to save that extra bit of room in your case.

When you’re trying to decide what exactly to pack, it can help to make a spreadsheet. Figure out exactly how many day outfits and night outfits you need and see how many of your clothing items you can repurpose to fit the quotas. For example, if you know you are going to exercise during your trip, remember that your workout T-shirt, once you’ve washed it, can also serve as a pyjama top or a casual T-shirt to travel in. Thus reducing the number of T-shirts you actually need.

Now, when it comes to actually filling the suitcase, place all shoes flat at the bottom or top of the bag. This is the most efficient way to pack them, except of course for heels – lay those on their sides, or shove them into any gaps you see at the end of your packing.

If you need some extra inspo, YouTube has plenty of amazing videos to help you get packing!

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