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photo illustration by Amanda Suarez
photo illustration by Amanda Suarez
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Budweiser Is Planning How to Brew Beer on Mars

Picture of Kathryn Maier
NYC Food & Drink Editor
Updated: 13 March 2017
As scientists get closer to colonizing Mars, America’s biggest brewing company is looking to get in on the game. Over the weekend, Budweiser and parent company Anheuser-Busch announced at South by Southwest that they’re looking into options for how to develop a beer that can be consumed on the red planet.

During a panel led by actress Kate Mara (who, of course, starred in the film The Martian), a retired astronaut talked with two Anheuser-Busch representatives about the challenges of brewing and consuming beer in a low-gravity environment like that on Mars. “When you’re in a zero-gravity environment, a beverage with carbonation is going to be an issue,” Adweek reports former astronaut Clayton Anderson as saying. And according to VinePair, NASA says that carbonated drinks—including soda and beer—are “a foamy mess during space travel.” The brewing company is working on the logistics to get around these challenges.

“It’s a dream that builds off of our relentless focus on innovation,” Budweiser VP Ricardo Marques said, according to Adweek. “When we can enjoy a few ice-cold Buds on the Red Planet, that will be the moment when we can truly realize our dreams of space colonization.” But just in case, a nice stirred cocktail wouldn’t be a bad backup plan.