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A typical Thanksgiving dinner | © gstockstudio / Shutterstock
A typical Thanksgiving dinner | © gstockstudio / Shutterstock
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Bring Booze And Turkey: How To Organize Friendsgiving With An App

Picture of Peter Ward
Tech Editor
Updated: 15 November 2016
Friendsgiving, the U.S. version of a Thanksgiving celebration with friends not family, has grown in popularity over the years. The dinner is often organized using communication and event-planning apps by a younger generation. One such app is Funnster, which has gathered data on the requests of Friendsgiving hosts using the platform. Here’s what they found.

Friendsgiving is often seen as a celebration for younger people, particularly those who have just graduated college and are too far away from home to make a traditional family Thanksgiving. But the data from Funnster, collected from 600 users planning Friendsgiving events, suggests that this isn’t quite the case. Only 10 percent of people planning a friends-only event this November are aged between 18 to 25. Forty-two percent are in the 26 to 35 age bracket and 32 percent are 36 to 44.

Thanksgiving turkey.
Thanksgiving turkey.

Almost all Friendsgiving hosts plan on having vegan or vegetarian courses, while remarkably every single host asked their friends to bring alcohol to the party. Asking people to bring their own food is quite popular, and 52 percent of Funnster users are hosting a potluck style dinner. Thirty-one percent of hosts organizing a pot luck dinner are, perhaps rather cheekily, asking other people to bring the turkey. Fifteen percent are ordering food in and 12 percent are going to bars.

A Friendsgiving celebration.
A Friendsgiving celebration. | Courtesy Flickr.

“Whereas traditional Thanksgiving is a classic dinner, a lot of Friendsgiving actually have a lot of themes or different approaches. Many are hosting movie nights, Mexican style thanksgiving, Xbox night, watching football, and even bar crawling with buddies,” says Amnon Israel, co-founder of Funnster.

Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving celebrations on Funnster.
Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving celebrations on Funnster. | Courtesy Funnster.

Planning an event like Friendsgiving relieves a lot of the pressures associated with a traditional Thanksgiving, but doesn’t mean it’s scare-free. When asked what their biggest fear when hosting a Friendsgiving event, 37 percent of people said burning the turkey, 33 percent said the guests will only bring wine, and 21 percent said they feared nobody showing up most.