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The Best Vegan Shops, Restaurants and Places in Sacramento
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The Best Vegan Shops, Restaurants and Places in Sacramento

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Updated: 28 January 2018
As the vegan movement takes on the world, cities are taking notice and more vegan-friendly places are popping up everywhere. In Sacramento, California, it’s no different. If you’re vegan, vegetarian, or just admire the lifestyle, you’ll want to check out these vegan Sacramento spots.



This meatless restaurant is perfect for kicking off an evening out in Sacramento. Everything on the menu is either vegetarian or fully vegan. Mother has great ambiance, amazing staff, and the food is to die for (no pun intended)!

Mother, 1023 K St, Sacramento, CA, USA, +1 916 594 9812

Vibe Health Bar

You won’t carry any guilt dining at Vibe Health Bar! Replenish with one of their many juices or smoothies, or dig into their delectably fresh bowls and sandwiches.

Vibe Health Bar, 3515 Broadway, Sacramento, CA, USA, +1 916 382 9723

Andy Nguyen’s Vegetarian Restaurant

If you’re looking to mix it up a bit vegan-style, check out Andy Nguyen’s Vegetarian Restaurant. This eatery is changing the game, serving up Vietnamese dishes that are completely meat-free. Snuggle in to one of the cozy tables and get ready to order some Vietnamese fare that’s not only delicious and cruelty-free, but also gorgeously presented.

Andy Nguyen’s Vegetarian Restaurant, 2007 Broadway, Sacramento, CA, USA, +1 916 736 1157

Andy Nguyen’s Vegetarian, Sacramento | © Tony Webster/Flickr


Veg Café and Bar

Veg is the go-to place for vegans to grab a bite and a cocktail. Not only does this spot serve up delectable brunch, lunch, and dinner, their drink menu is top notch. Try the beautifully crafted Blue Butterfly Lemondrop or the spicy Thai Bloody Mary.

Veg Café and Bar, 2431 J St 2nd Floor, Sacramento, CA, USA, +1 916 448 8768

Bombay Bar and Grill

Vegans and carnivores alike may come for the mind blowing Indian food here but they all stay for the full bar and great drinks. Eat and sip the tastes of India at Bombay Bar and Grill’s warm and welcoming spot.

Bombay Bar and Grill, 1315 21st St, Sacramento, CA, USA, +1 916 441 7100

East Indian Negroni by Jim Meehan (PDT, NYC) | © Hanna Lee/Flickr

Round Corner Tavern

Vegans can get down with the eats and booze at Round Corner Tavern. The bar is full of beer, wine, and crafted cocktails, while the bar’s menu is full of vegan and vegetarian options.

Round Corner Tavern, 2333 S Street, Sacramento, CA, USA, +1 916 451 4682


Sacramento Vegan Society

This meetup group gets together on a monthly basis to share their vegan, vegetarian, or just simply compassionate lifestyles. Joining Sacramento Vegan Society means sharing in potlucks and other gatherings, going on fitness outings, book clubs, and so much more. It’s an amazing way to meet other people that share in the vegan outlook.

Animal Liberation Now (by Direct Action Everywhere) | © Kenziah Rubens/Flickr

Madam Butterfly Boutique

This beautifully-curated women’s shop is a wonderful place to not only browse and buy eco-friendly styles, but to also meet fellow shoppers that desire the same kind of lifestyle. Madam Butterfly has been giving the environmentally-conscious shopper a shopping oasis for nearly four decades.

Madam Butterfly, 500 Pavilions Lane, Sacramento, CA, USA, +1 916 920 1220