Best Summer Beauty Products From Around the World

Kimberlie Wong / © Culture Trip
Kimberlie Wong / © Culture Trip
Photo of Jill Di Donato
Fashion Editor11 June 2018

There’s no time like summer to streamline your self-care routine. You wear less, sweat more, and need protection from the sun and sea. With that in mind, Culture Trip launches its second roundup of the best beauty products from around the world. These are tried and true favorites from international travels, though it’s by no means exhaustive. And although you can’t always be on holiday, how you travel through your day also affects your overall wellbeing, inside and out.

Detroit’s Rita Sayegh, Retail Director of Mills Pharmacy + Apothecary | Courtesy of Rita Sayegh

Rita Sayegh, Retail Director of Mills Pharmacy + Apothecary in Detroit—a beauty destination that stocks thoughtfully-curated products from every continent—tells Culture Trip that she’s “really proud of the awareness” international beauty products bring. “When you find a beautiful product from your travels, you get a positive association to that place.”

Respectively, international beauty products can “widen your mind,” and inspire your next travel destination. “Once you find something you love, you’re always on the hunt to see what else is out there,” Sayegh said. Internationally curated stores like the brick and mortar Mills Pharmacy + Apothecary (which also sells products online) are ideal because although people love to travel, they also love accessibility. “There’s something special about being able to purchase a range of curated products from around the world in one place,” she continued. The following essential summer beauty products are available on Amazon, so you don’t have to travel the world to add them to your routine.

1. Canada’s prize-winning skin tonic

Sangre de Fruta Lavender by the Sea Botanical Tonic | Courtesy of Amazon

Sangre de Fruta Lavender by the Sea Botanical Tonic ($46) is inspired by ancient Egyptian bathing rituals, and is made by hand in Vancouver, BC. This works well on humid days as a face spritz, with or without makeup. Use as makeup setting spray to create a dewy summer look, letting your skin breathe beneath foundation or powder. Infused with essential oils extracted from locally-grown, organic plants like orange blossom and rose, this tonic has skin-healing properties, and is best suited for dry skin.

2. France’s prize-winning sunscreen

Avene Mineral Ultra-Light Hydrating Sunscreen SPF 50 Plus Face Lotion | Courtesy of Amazon

Avène Mineral Ultra-Light Hydrating Sunscreen SPF 50 Plus Face Lotion ($28) is a French pharmacy favorite, as all Avène products are made with Avène Thermal Spring Water—ideal for soothing sensitive skin. The non-sticky formula is mineral-based, so it won’t clog pores and is light enough to be worn under makeup, while providing UVA/UVB protection. The most important feature of a sunscreen is that it feels good to apply (and reapply), so you use the product as instructed for effectiveness.

3. The Netherlands’ prize-winning foundation

Ellis Faas Skin Veil | Courtesy of Amazon

Ellis Faas Skin Veil ($80) is formulated by a makeup artist in the Netherlands, offers full coverage for large pores, blemishes, and uneven skin tones without sitting atop your face like a traditional foundation. The mineral-rich skin veil diffuses light for a natural summer makeup look. One application is enough for the daytime, while two layers will create a more polished face for the evening. Choose from a range of colors to best match your skin tone.

4. America’s prize-winning beauty supplement

Moon Juice Beauty Dust | Courtesy of Amazon

Moon Juice Beauty Dust ($38) is the brainchild of a world-traveling lifestyle guru who launched a flagship wellness boutique in Venice, California. Beauty Dust is the brand’s award-winning edible beauty powder made from antioxidant-rich berry, root, leaf powders, skin-building collagen powder, and the adaptogen Ashwagandha to buffer stress.

5. Iceland’s prize-winning face wash

skyn Iceland Glacial Face Wash | Courtesy of Amazon

skyn Iceland Glacial Face Wash ($30) will refresh parched summer skin with Icelandic glacial waters. Other prize-winning ingredients include cylindrica seed oil, an antioxidant useful for repairing lipids found in the skin’s outer layers, and white willow bark, which is a natural source of salicylic acid to control oil production and clean out pores. This gentle face foam helps you fight acne-causing oil without over-drying sensitive summer skin.

6. France’s prize-winning lip mask

LANGEIGE Lip Mask | Courtesy of Amazon

LANGEIGE Lip Mask ($19) is a Parisian delicacy that hydrates lips overnight with antioxidants and Hyaluronic acid. Summer exposes lips to drying salt water, chlorine, and sun—harsh elements that will dehydrate your smile if you don’t take care of it.

7. America’s prize-winning body oil

Monoi Tiare Tiki Body Oil | Courtesy of Amazon

Monoi Tiare Tiki Body Oil ($11) blends Tahitian gardenias, coconut oil, and vanilla bean to make a body oil that’s naturally fragrant. Air conditioning can make the product solidify, so soak it under warm tap water or leave in the sun to return the product to its liquid form. Slather over sunscreen to deepen your tan, or use as a post-shower moisturizer.

8. Japan’s prize-winning shampoo

Shu Uemura Silk Bloom Restorative Shampoo | Courtesy of Amazon

Shu Uemura Silk Bloom Restorative Shampoo ($30) is part of this luxe Japanese brand’s Art of Hair collection. Made especially for people with thin hair that requires damage control, this formula is less greasy than Shu Uemura’s oil-based shampoos, yet it delivers hydration by rebuilding hair shaft fibers.

9. America’s prize-winning highlighter

FENTY Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter | Courtesy of Amazon

FENTY Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter ($47) is one of FENTY Beauty by Rihanna’s best-selling products, and it’s ideal for a dewy summer look. The Barbadian songstress and makeup mogul captures island vibes with this glittery, lightweight highlighter. Formulated with pearlescent microbeads, the highlighter can be applied using the strobing technique, and is more subtle for summer than contouring.

10. Iceland’s prize-winning face mask

Hannes Dóttir Seamasque | Courtesy of Amazon

Hannes Dóttir Seamasque ($95) provides post-sun hydration with Icelandic sea kelp containing over 60 vital micronutrients and 18 amino acids. Volcanic Alum Crystal brings elasticity to skin, while a range of organic, non-toxic ingredients make this holistic mask a quality product that’s well worth the investment.

11. France’s prize-winning lipstick

Chantecaille Lip Chic | Courtesy of Amazon

Chantecaille Lip Chic ($38) is another French pharmacy cult favorite, as it adds dimension to lips without leaving a glossy, sticky residue. Instead, this formula is lightweight for summer, and comes in shades of pink to work on a range of skin tones (the trick is to find a pigmented, rich pink and stay away from pastels).

12. America’s prize-winning perfume

Heretic Eau de Parfum in Scandalwood | Courtesy of Amazon

Heretic Eau de Parfum in Scandalwood ($165) mixes sandalwood, coriander, and Bulgarian rose in this latest creation from New York- and Los Angeles-based perfumer Douglass Little. If you hate talc-based perfumes, this complex set of woodsy notes will work for your summer scent.

13. Korea’s prize-winning foot mask

Etude House Foot Peeling Foot Mask | Courtesy of Amazon

Etude House Foot Peeling Foot Mask ($7) is a Korean foot peel which works immediately, as opposed to taking two weeks of peeling to get rid of dead skin. Your feet are smoother after one use, and after one week, you should expect all peeling to have tapered off, leaving you ready for those summer sandals.

14. Morocco’s prize-winning soap

Kahina Giving Beauty Beldi Soap | Courtesy of Amazon

Kahina Giving Beauty Beldi Soap ($38) brings the Moroccan hamman (Turkish bath) to your bathroom. Saponified olive oil, eucalyptus, and vitamin E make this thick gel soap ideal for quenching summer skin, and it’s also cooling after a sunburn.

15. America’s prize-winning lip scrub

Hanalei Sugar Lip Scrub | Courtesy of Amazon

Hanelei Sugar Lip Scrub ($14) contains Maui sugar crystals and pure kukui nut oil from Hawaii’s tropical climate to naturally naturally remove dead skin from the sensitive lip area. The antioxidant-rich formula and small sugar crystals help summer lips heal without irritation.