Best Gadget Gifts for Travel Enthusiasts This Holiday Season

Holiday season is for gadget geeks too | © majcot/ Source: Shutterstock
Holiday season is for gadget geeks too | © majcot/ Source: Shutterstock
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Tech Editor13 November 2017

Holiday season is here again, and for the friend, family member, or colleague who’s obsessed with travel, gift buying can be a dilemma. Not many of us can afford to send our loved ones around the world, but we can make their trips a little more convenient and enjoyable through travel gadgets. Here are some of our favorites.

Flight 001 Travel Fitness Kit $48

Unless you’re heading off on an adventure-packed vacation, staying fit while on holiday can be a challenge. It’s not always easy to find a gym, or the time to work out. The Flight 001 kit solves that problem, offering an easy way to work out in a hotel room or outdoors, almost like taking a gym around the world with you.

Flight 001’s Travel Fitness Kit | Courtesy Flight 001/Amazon

Micro Luggage $299

Getting around airports is a huge hassle, so why not make it more entertaining and a workout too? Micro Luggage is one of those special pieces of luggage that doubles as a scooter as well. So if you’re close to missing your flight you can hop onto your luggage and glide to your gate, being the coolest/most annoying person in the terminal at the same time.

Micro Luggage | Courtesy Micro Luggage/Amazon

Dodow Sleep Aid Device $59

Sleep in an unfamiliar place can be elusive, and when you add jet lag into the equation, you can end up spending hours of your holiday staring at a hotel ceiling, willing yourself to go to sleep. The Dodow Sleep Aid Device could be the answer to that problem. The device is a metronome with a light system that teaches you to fall asleep naturally. According to the manufacturers, people who usually take 60 minutes to get to sleep take no more than 25 minutes with the Dodow.

The Dodow sleep aid device | Courtesy Dodow/Amazon

Moleskine Smart Writing Set $199

If you know a creative person who likes to travel, this may be the perfect gift. The Moleskine Smart Writing Set includes a paper tablet with special paper that lets you make notes, doodles, and drawings with a smart pen and real ink, and then send them to your phone or device completely digitized. The perfect gadget for the person who keeps a journal on their travels.

Moleskin Smart Writing Set | Courtesy Moleskine/Amazon

DJI Spark Drone $441

Drones are fantastic gadgets to take on vacation. They can be used to take unique photos from difficult vantage points and are entertaining to use at the same time. The DJI Spark Drone is a good all-round device, and is extremely small and light so it’ll fit in a suitcase with no problem.

DJI Spark Drone | Courtesy DJO/Amazon

Ozmo Smart Water Bottle $69

Give your friends and family the gift of hydration this holiday season. It may not sound too exciting, but if they’re off on an adventure they’ll thank you for it. The Ozmo is designed to help you drink more water. The bottle vibrates when you should be drinking more, and can be integrated to a Garmin, Apple or Fitbit device.

Ozmo Smart Water Bottle | Courtesy Ozmo/Amazon

goTenna $120

For a friend who likes to go off the beaten track when they travel, goTenna could be the most important gift they ever receive. The device helps you stay connected through text and GPS even when there’s no signal. It’s been used widely during natural disasters and is one gadget you really don’t want to need and not have. The goTenna is sold in pairs so you can keep in touch with a travel buddy no matter where you are.

goTenna devices | Courtesy goTenna/Amazon

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