The Best Affordable Family Summer Vacations in the US

Sandia Peak Tramway arrives at top of the mountain, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Sandia Peak Tramway arrives at top of the mountain, Albuquerque, New Mexico | © Pat Canova / Alamy Stock Photo
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19 November 2020

Looking to take your family on a killer vacation next summer, but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg doing it? We’ve got you covered with these ideal spots in the US for summer travel. You’ll be relaxing in style without breaking the bank.

The Grand Canyon

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Grand Canyon Skywalk, Hualapai Reservation, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, Usa, America
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It’s difficult to find cheaper accommodation than just pitching your own tent. Luckily, that is the best way to see the Grand Canyon. Peep your head out of your tent in the early morning for a sunrise unlike any other you’ll see. Your kids will never forget it. Alternatively, check out the 10 best budget hotels in Las Vegas and make a day trip.

San Antonio

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The St. Anthony
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Looking to experience the adage that everything is bigger in Texas without including the price in that experience? Check out San Antonio, which is far more affordable than other Texas cities such as Dallas and Houston. Between the Alamo and the River Walk, there is plenty to do and history to teach your children, and you can stay at one of the least expensive members of the Luxury Collection portfolio, the St Anthony.
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Guest House at Graceland
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Thanks to Graceland, it would be almost impossible to take a trip to Memphis without having fun. Stay at the Guest House at Graceland, which has very reasonable rates, and is unlike anywhere else you might be able to stay in the world. Your children will have an unforgettable introduction to a true American icon. Alternatively, book one of the 9 Best Hotels in Memphis, Tennessee.
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  • Williamsburg

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    The Colonial Houses - A Colonial Williamsburg Hotel
    Courtesy of The Colonial Houses - A Colonial Williamsburg Hotel /
    Williamsburg, Virginia, is one of the oldest continuously inhabited sites in the US, and is home to many educational and entertaining opportunities for kids and adults to step back in time to the colonial era. Get into the spirit of things with a stay at the affordable Colonial Houses Historic Lodging. Then step things up a notch with a visit to the Governor’s Palace, where the pre-revolutionary British governor lived.
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    The Beeman Hotel
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    Although Dallas can be expensive, there is an affordable way to experience the city. Its sheer size means there is competition that drives hotel prices down. The Beeman Hotel is a lovely contemporary option with extremely competitive rates. The city’s signature food, barbecue, is a cheap way to enjoy Dallas’ culinary best, and many attractions, such as the Kimbell Art Museum, are free.
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    Hotel Blue
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    The stunning New Mexican desert surrounding its cities is just one of many reasons to make a trek to the state, which is also known for its many sites of historical importance and its deeply spiritual quality. Stay at the Hotel Blue and explore the city’s many cheap and free attractions, such as the Petroglyph National Monument, the Botanic Gardens, and the Sandia Peak Tramway, all of which kids will love. Can’t stay in Albuquerque? You might want to take a look at these great hotels in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
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