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New York Resized | © Jasper Léonard
New York Resized | © Jasper Léonard
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Belgian Photographer Takes Mind-Bending Photos You Won't Believe Are Real

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Updated: 23 November 2017
Think of New York and you no doubt picture a sprawling metropolis with some of the tallest skyscrapers around, but this artist wants you to look at the city a little differently. Key word: little.

Belgian photographer Jasper Léonard is turning New York miniature thanks to a unique camera lens he has been using since before his university days.

_DSC5701-Jasper Leonard
New York Resized | © Jasper Léonard

The 45 mm tilt-shift lens causes images to lose their sharpness. From the right height and angle, it will give the impression that even a concrete jungle like New York is a mini scene from a dollhouse.

_DSC5941-HDR-Edit-Jasper Leonard
New York Resized | © Jasper Léonard

In his own words the artist explains: ‘Tilt shift mimics macro photography by using blur in the foreground and background of the image. Our brains know that this kind of blur is a signal that the scale must be something small even though some people rationally have no idea how macro photography looks.’

New York Resized | © Jasper Léonard

In his new book New York Resized, published by Lannoo, Jasper takes on New York City in his truly unique style, reminding viewers not only that the world really is just a village in disguise, but also that things are not always exactly as they appear.

DSC05794-Jasper Leonard
New York Resized |  © Jasper Léonard
DSC05767-Edit-Jasper Leonard
New York Resized | © Jasper Léonard
_DSC0345-Jasper Leonard
New York Resized | © Jasper Léonard
_DSC9888-Jasper Leonard
New York Resized | © Jasper Léonard