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Courtesy of Albertine Books
Courtesy of Albertine Books
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This Book Prize Is Offering Voters a Chance to Win a Free Trip to Paris

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Books and Digest Editor
Updated: 24 April 2017
New York City’s Albertine Bookstore is currently holding a contest for the public to select the best translated book from the French.

Albertine Bookstore, a cultural mission began by and housed at the French Embassy, is currently holding its final round of its Albertine Prize to select the best translated novel from the French language. The winning book is to be selected by public voters meaning, all who cast their ballots before the April 30 deadline will be eligible to win two economy-class round-trip tickets to Paris.

On its website, the bookstore states the the prize “recognizes American readers’ favorite work of contemporary Francophone fiction while encouraging the discovery of new literary voices, translated and published in the US in the past year.”

covers of the nominees courtesy of Picador, Deep Vellum, and Open Letter
covers of the nominees courtesy of Picador, Deep Vellum, and Open Letter

Whittled from an original longlist of ten publications, the shortlisted trio includes two novels from France — The Heart by Maylis de Kerangal (tr. Sam Taylor) and Bardo or Not Bardo by Antoine Volodine (tr. by J.T. Mahany) — and one from Mauritius, Eve Out of Her Ruins by Ananda Devi (tr. by Jeffrey Zuckerman, and which I reviewed for this site, calling it “an elegiac whodunit…a story that stays with the reader long after its read”).

More info on the contest, which is only open to American residents, can be found on the voting page.