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Adorable Girl Tells Us What We're All Thinking When People Talk on Planes

Picture of Luke Abrahams
Social Content Editor
Updated: 12 September 2017
Word of warning: you better not mess with this feisty young girl on a plane…

Children: innocent, adorable and full of love. Two-year-old Mila possesses all of these qualities, but what’s even more important, is that she has one thing very few other toddlers have – wiseness, especially when it comes to down to the ways in which we should all be behaving on board a flight.

How do we know this? Easy, she tells us all how to behave in flight in the feisty, lol-worthy video below.

As you can see, she had an awful lot to say about ‘chatty Kathy’.

Hilariously, and in an attempt to completely shut chatty Kathy up, Mila told her take she ‘can’t talk to strangers’.

What does she do instead? ‘I pooped my diaper’, she says.

Fabulous work Mila, fabulous.

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