12 Accessories To Buy Your Fashion-Loving Friends For Christmas

From L - R: Moschino Gloves, Small Multicolour classic calf puzzle bag, Shelly Shoes
From L - R: Moschino Gloves, Small Multicolour classic calf puzzle bag, Shelly Shoes
Photo of India Doyle
16 November 2016

Fashion-loving friends or loved ones can be a difficult category to buy for around the festive season, read our guide to the best accessories to buy them this Christmas.

What may look like an implausibly large cat to you is actually the Shrimps coat they’ve been lusting after for years; a standard orange tee-shirt is actually one of the most coveted items from the Kenzo x H&M collection. It’s a confusing world, but fear not: Culture Trip brings you the failsafe accessories to buy for fashion lovers this Christmas.

Accessories for fashion show attendees

This Christmas is all about the statement accessory. Whether it’s a stand-out pair of glittery earrings, an eye-catching pair of hand-made slippers, 2016’s most sought after handbag or a show stealing pair of sun-glasses, your ‘Frow’ frequenting pal will love one of these unique Christmas gifts.

1.Kate Spade earrings, $42.99, 2. Sanayi 313 slippers, €1025 3. Loewe Small Multicolour Classic Calf Puzzle Bag, €1,900 4. Limited edition Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses, $1,900

Accessories for fashion blog fanatics

The fashion blog reader loves a stylish detail: being sartorially savvy isn’t about big bling, it’s about those little extra flairs that take an everywoman’s outfit to the next level. So whether it’s a piece of jewellery from an emerging brand, a must-have keyring, a little stylish sparkle on one’s shoes or classic leather gloves re-imagined with some designer kudos, these are the gifts all aspiring fashion bloggers will adore.

5. Uribe ring, £125, 6. Shrimps McGruff Keyring, £75, 7. Shelly’s Statement shoes, $127, 8. Moschino gloves, £210

Gifts for flawless Christmas fashion

Give the gift of a chic Christmas wardrobe this season. From Givenchy’s timeless silk scarf and Steve Madden’s wintery faux fur through to the ultimate statement shoe, Marc Jacobs clogs, and some stylish eyewear for emergency post-NYE party style – these unique accessories guarantee flawless Christmas style – and huge smiles on the day.