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_IGP7848b | © Angelo Gargano/Flickr
_IGP7848b | © Angelo Gargano/Flickr
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A Gentlemen's Guide To Looking Good In San Francisco

Picture of Deanna Morgado
Updated: 12 October 2017
It’s time to give credit where credit is due. The men in San Francisco are stepping it up in the fashion world. Amazing looks and styles are popping up all over the city for men. But it can be a hard nut to crack. That’s because the one trend that always seems to reign supreme here is contradictions, leaving a newbie to SF menswear confused and probably looking the same way. This makes our Gentleman’s Guide to Looking Good in San Francisco all that more imperative.

Keeping It Simple. Keep It Loud

Minimalism is all the rage in San Francisco and it has been for quite some time. And here comes the contradiction: men are wearing minimalistic garments in a loud way. Simple t-shirts are matched with an everyday type of pant. However, that everyday t-shirt is probably either a loud color like hot pink or is covered in a funky pattern like pineapples. The ultimate turnout here is find balance, yet make a statement.

What’s one random favorite thing of yours in life? Penguins? Flamingos? Bananas? Chances are there is a t-shirt or polo with it on. Stock up for the spring and summer with these. Pair your new patterned minimalism with a dark-wash relaxed jean or wide-legged trouser for balance.

The Wide-Legged Trouser

For a while now, the skin-tight jean has loosened up for men and the trouser has made its way back into San Francisco’s heart. Folding the last couple of inches of your trouser creates a whole new silhouette for men. It’s a relaxed fit that’ll actually give structure and shape to any look. Dress them up or dress them down. The wide-legged trouser is here in the Golden Gate city and we hope it stays.

Just make sure to buy your trouser with a little weight like a wool-mix fabric, it’ll keep that ideal shape, gathering nicely at the ankle without looking like you’ve stolen your dad’s old trousers. No offense, pops.

Athleisure Has Finally Won Our Hearts

All those hearts left in San Francisco over the decades are swooning over this look. Jogger pants with a bomber? Absolutely. We can thank Ryan Gosling for finally bringing this old look together.

Men’s sportswear has been around for a long time and now we can tip our hats to the look of pairing these casual pieces with more refined garments. What was once considered too relaxed or bummy is now acceptable for many social situations.

Guy in bomber jacket
Guy in bomber jacket | © vanes_hud/Flickr

The trick here is the fit. You’ll end up having your clothes wear you if you can’t get this right. Stick to the fitted garments that hug your body and give you a solid silhouette. Be aware of your body type and where your clothes should hug you or give a little wiggle (and lovable jiggle) room.

Bow Ties! Bow Ties, Everywhere!

The bow tie has earned its spot in fashion history. And its back, hitting the streets of San Francisco!

In all honesty, the bow tie will never truly go out of style. It’s a timeless piece for men to wear on nights out, or even for a more casual look if paired with a short sleeve polo and shorts.

Expression through bow ties is not only versatile, it’s so much fun. Millions of prints, textures, and colors give bow ties the ability to fit any style and personality.

Freshly picked bow ties from @puppybrothercollars
Freshly picked bow ties from @puppybrothercollars | © Yellow Green Farmer's Market

Hair That Cares

There’s no way to walk San Francisco’s streets with your hot new clothes without a fashionable hairstyle to match. A man’s hair in this city is just as important to his look as is his clothing.

Nowadays, there are countless hairstyles that are trending all over the world. In San Francisco, the case isn’t that much different. Most of these hairstyles are refined throwbacks, a nod to the vintage. There’s just one thing all these hairstyles seem to have in common: staying out of your handsome face.

It’s true. The long French crop, the loose quiff, even the once denounced blunt fringe share the quality of letting the face shine all on its own. Even for men who adore their long, luscious manes are rocking this idea. And no, not just with man-buns. San Francisco men are letting their locks flow naturally, just with either side or swept up parts. In fact, the man-bun that once took the world by storm is getting its own makeover.

Men in San Francisco are getting nearly as creative with their hair as women. The man-bun has been re-invented with twist-in buns, braided and woven buns for a more punk look, and throwing in an undercut for the side-swept do.

The key to any hairstyle you choose is taking care of your beautiful tresses. It’s time to invest in the best shampoo and even conditioner for your hair. Healthy hair will never go out of style. Other must-have products include pomade, spray, and clay to perfect your style.

Dr. Seuss Said It Best

Sure, it might sound corny, but when it comes to fashion and style in San Francisco, Dr. Seuss can offer these words of wisdom: “There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

Fashion, no matter where you are, is all about self-expression. So don’t try so hard to fit into the fashion world that you lose yourself. This is why experimenting with fashion is so great in San Francisco. Virtually anything goes if you say it’s who you are. Don’t be afraid to play and fail when it comes fashion in San Francisco. Stay true and you’ll be turning heads throughout the city by the bay in no time.