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7 Luxury Bags to Give You Spring Fever
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7 Luxury Bags to Give You Spring Fever

Picture of Jill Di Donato
Fashion Editor
Updated: 9 March 2017
 Susan B. Anthony has said, “Every woman should have a purse of her own.” No doubt the nineteenth century suffragette is referring to the importance of financial independence for women, but there’s no harm in taking Anthony’s words literally. And if you’re going to invest in a purse of your own, why not make it an investment piece, a purse that’s splurge-worthy? These newly released luxe bags can help you catch spring fever, and make a statement about the season.

When I say investment piece, I mean that literally. Many designer bags have resale value if you keep them in excellent condition, and limited edition or special styles, like the bags below, tend to help you gain a return on your investment. After all, it’s not just the designer label and craftsmanship that you’re paying for, you’re paying for something that’s extraordinary. Seasonal delights like these luxe bags are ideal investment pieces, and they also make you feel fabulous because you’re spending your hard earned money on something covetable, and, more than that, something you adore.

7 Luxury Bags To Give You Spring Fever |©CultureTrip

7 Luxury Bags To Give You Spring Fever |©CultureTrip

Miu Miu Flower-Embellished Leather Bucket Bag, $1,600

You might have seen this bag on Miu Miu’s SS17 runway. However, love it because it captures a retro 1950s nostalgia.

miu miu

Gucci Dionysus Large Bee Appliqué Shoulder Bag, $4,490

Get ready to catch some honey with this bag, which boasts an accordion silhouette that expands to fit some of your larger daily essentials.


Fendi Dotcom Flower-Appliqué Leather Bag, $3,300

Whimsical plexiglass flowers make this Fendi bag (straight from the SS17 runway) a spring statement in all the right ways.

Fendi Dotcom flower-appliqué leather bag

Marni Pocket-Print PVC Tote, $470

Marni partnered with Dutch artist Ruth Van Beek to create this PVC tote that’s perfect for a garden party.

MARNI Pocket-print PVC tote

Alexander McQueen Heart Mini Poppy-Embroidered Leather Shoulder Bag, $1,381

Plucked from Alexander McQueen’s Resort 2017 collection is this gem of a bag, that summons forth British folk art.

Alexander McQueen Heart Mini Poppy-Embroidered Leather Shoulder Bag

Fendi By The Way Mini Leather Cross-Body Bag, $2,050

Spring is the season of the cross-body, as you’re galavanting all around town. The silver flower details add even more spring fever.

Fendi By The Way mini leather cross-body bag

Lowe Barcelona Stitches Leather Shoulder Bag, $2,537

Fashioned with the marquetry technique, a process that involves cutting and slotting each leather panel individually, this spring bag boasts a twist on the classic blue horizontal blue stripes that are synonymous with spring.

Lowe Barcelona Stitches leather shoulder bag