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© Mike Wulf/CSM/REX/Shutterstock
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25 Absolutely Incredible Photos of the Solar Eclipse 2017

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Updated: 22 August 2017

Yesterday, huge swathes of the United States were treated to one of the world’s grandest celestial events: a solar eclipse.

From New York to Illinois, Georgia to Oregon, Americans were treated to some pretty epic moon porn as our friendly neighbour in the sky (the moon, in case you had forgotten) eclipsed several major US towns and cities.

Those lucky enough to have seen it stood directly in the Moon’s shadow as the big grey disc moved slowly in front of the sun covering it totally – that’s a total solar eclipse in a nutshell. Why did people make such a fuss? It’s the first of its kind for decades. That’s why.

Those in America who were not in the ‘path of totality’ (when the whole sun is covered by the moon and looks like a ring of fire) got to see what astro folk call a partial solar eclipse. It’s not as impressive, but still better than nothing.

The eclipse began over the Pacific Ocean at 16:46 UK time (BST) on August 21. By 17:04 BST (09.04 local time) it reached the coast of Oregon and then moved inland across the US states of Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

By 18:17 BST (10.17 local time) the eclipse reached its maximum point.

Here are some of the best tweets, photos and ‘grams from the fantastical event:

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And of course, some people just went totally comical over the event…


Oh, and Bonnie Tyler found the perfect opportunity to rehash her iconic ’80s hit, too…