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23 Funny and Interesting Maps That Show Just How Weird America Really is

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Social Content Editor
Updated: 18 November 2017
America is big news at the moment (we’re looking at you, Trump) but sometimes it’s good to forget about all the serious stuff and look to all the weird, funny and interesting things this great nation gets up to instead. From the most popular porn searches to the most Googled party costumes, here are 23 funny, revealing and interesting maps that show just how weird and wonderful this country really is.


This map shows just what each state is Googling…

Via Imgur

Clearly they’ve all got really important things on their minds… | Via Imgur

This map shows you just how much you’d need to earn per hour to survive in each US state…

Must be all those fat-cat politicians – how else do you explain Washington, DC as more expensive than NYC? | Via Imgur

Here’s a funny map of the USA, according to a puzzled Australian…

Via Imgur

This Oz(zie) needs a wizard! |Via Imgur

This map shows the most famous Kevin in every US state…

Via Reddit

Who knew Kevin was such a popular name? | Via Reddit


This map shows what the US would look like if its cities had kept their original names…

Via Imgur

Come back, European colonists, all is forgiven… | Via Imgur

This map shows the most Googled costumes in each US State (top laughs for Illinois)…

Via Imgur

Props to Illinois, home of the Slutty Pumpkin (we’re dying to see what that looks like)! |Via Imgur


This map shows you the longest and shortest sexy time in each state…

Via Reddit

Apparently, Montana’s famously two-word conversations extend to the horizontal version… | Via Reddit


This map shows you what each state is really bad at…

Via Imgur

Texas excels in the ‘Dumb and Dumberer’ department – who knew? Oregon, we’re not sure we want to know… | Via Imgur


This brand map of the USA…

Via Imgur

…And not a single McDonald’s in sight | Via Imgur


This map shows that Walmart is basically taking over the entire country (and probably the entire world, too)…

Via Imgur

America’s fave cheap’n’cheerful chain store is taking over the universe | Via Imgur


This curious map shows you all the lake monster sightings throughout the USA…

Via Imgur

Apparently, Scotland’s not the only home of Nessie… |Via Imgur


This ‘seven deadly sins’ map of the United States…

Via Reddit

The Devil made them do it | Via Reddit


This map that shows the most popular surnames throughout the United States…

Via imgur

Pretty easy to see where all those immigrants came from | Via Imgur


This funny map of North America according to the USA…


Maybe not so awesome after the next four years… | © Alphadesigner


The crystal-meth lab of the United States (this one’s for you, Breaking Bad fans)…

Via Imgur

Nothing like a good hobby to keep you off the streets at night… | Via Imgur


This size-comparison map of the US (damn, Alaska is big!)…

Via Imgur

Alaska: home of awesome creatures such as bears, melting glaciers, salmon, eagles… and Sarah Palin | Via Imgur


This very pretty light-pollution map of the USA…

Via Reddit

Half the country’s clearly still in the dark… | Via Reddit


This map shows you where every single McDonald’s is in the USA…

Via Imgur

Basically, there’s a McDonald’s everywhere | Via Imgur


This beer map of the United States…

Via Imgur

They all love a good brew | Via Imgur


This snazzy gif map that shows the decline in cigarette sales from 1970–2012 in the United States…

Via Huffington Post

Clearly a dying breed… | Huffington Post


This porn-search map of the United States…

© Pornhub

Lesbians clearly rule | © Pornhub


This fraternity map of the United States…

Via Imgur

Initially founded with serious, lofty ideals in the 1870s, today’s frats have strayed into dangerous territory | Imgur


And finally, this mesmerising gif map of the formation of the United States…

Via Reddit

You’ve come a long way, baby | Via Reddit




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