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© Erica Wu/IPPA
© Erica Wu/IPPA

2016 iPhone Photography Award Winners Announced

Picture of Laura Cooper
Updated: 25 October 2016
With the iPhone photography awards (IPPA) 2016 winners announced, photographers across the globe prove that anyone, anywhere can capture outstanding shots with just an iPhone or iPad. The prizes the winners received include Apple products such as an iPad Pro for the Grand Prize winner and Apple Sport Watches for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place photographers of the year. Those who placed in the categories won either a gold bar or a palladium bar. We look at a small selection of the breathtaking photos from the 9th annual worldwide awards, but you can find more information on the IPPA, their winners and how to enter for 2017 here

Siyuan Niu. Xinjiang, China. Grand Prize Winner.

©Siyuan Niu/IPPA

Victor Kintanar. Cebu City, Philippines. 1st Place in Trees.

©Victor Kintanar/IPPA

Nazaret Sanchez Rodriguez. Tarragona, Spain. 2nd Place in Landscape.

©Nazaret Sanchez Rodriguez/IPPA

Bruno Dreux. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. 3rd Place in Children.

©Bruno Dreux/IPPA

Junfeng Wang. Shanghai, China. 1st Place in Nature.

©Junfeng Wang/IPPA

Scott Woodward. Singapore. 2nd Place in People.

©Scott Woodward/IPPA

Zero Lai. Hong Kong. 3rd Place in Others.

©Zero Lai/IPPA

Jian Wang. Bejing, China. 1st Place in Architecture.

©Jian Wang/IPPA

Cocu Liu. San Francisco, CA, United States. 2nd Place in Seasons.


©Cocu Liu/IPPA

Robin Robertis. Carlsbad, CA, United States. 2nd Place in Photographer of the Year.

©Robin Robertis/IPPA

Nicky Ryan. Sydney, Australia. 1st Place in Sunset.

©Nicky Ryan/IPPA

Erica Wu. San Francisco, CA, United States. 1st Place in Animals.

©Erica Wu/IPPA