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San Francisco, CA. | © Rodrigo Paredes/Flickr
San Francisco, CA. | © Rodrigo Paredes/Flickr
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20 Things To Do In San Francisco In Your Twenties

Picture of Deanna Morgado
Updated: 24 August 2017
Experiencing San Francisco in your youth can be one of the most memorable adventures. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, there’s so many adventures to be had in the City by the Bay. This 7×7 mile city is next to a play-land for 20-somethings.

Go to all three days of Outside Lands

This is a 20-something’s specialty. Don’t stop the party during one of San Francisco’s largest festivals, Outside Lands. Lots of people will tap out after day two or even day one.

Play with fire

Check out The Crucible and learn how to blow glass, sculpt metal, and just all-round be a creative badass. Youth and adult classes are offered in huge varieties. You can even take a quick quiz on their website to see what class would best fit you.

Take a party cruise boat

San Francisco offers a number of dinner cruises, party cruises, and cruise tours around the bay. Ticket prices can vary but for what you get; dinner, club dancing, booze and beverages, (plus bragging rights of partying on a fancy yacht), it will be an unforgettable memory worth every penny.

Cram multiple people in one themed hotel room

San Francisco has multiple hotels with “themed” rooms, like Hotel Triton, Hotel Zeppelin San Francisco, or Hotel Rex. Split the cost with your friends and enjoy some of the funky, chic, or just plain ol’ crazily decorated San Francisco hotels.

Triton Hotel, Grant Street and Bush Street, San Francisco
Triton Hotel, Grant Street and Bush Street, San Francisco | © Fabio Achilli/Flickr

Creatively sneak booze into an event

Sneaking booze to save money on outrageously SF priced drinks at nearly any festival or event, is kind of an unspoken right of passage in the city.

Make out at the Make-Out Room

The Make-Out Room is a retro-themed nightclub. DJs, special events, happen here all the time under a disco ball. Find a date and party on.

Come up with an app idea

San Francisco is the start-up capital of the world. Why not throw out your own app idea?!

Brave the SantaCon during the holidays

Celebrate the holidays with San Francisco’s annual city-wide Santas-only pub crawl. The city streets are filled with Santas, elves, and even reindeer costumes indulging in cocktails from some great SF bars.

Play beer pong at Bar None

Located on Union Street, Bar None has official beer pong tables set up and even holds championship competitions.

Splurge on seafood at Fisherman’s Wharf

There are multiple restaurants offering some of the most delicious and freshly caught seafood any 20-something would love to blow half a paycheck on.

Tour both Alcatraz and Angel Island

Don’t stop the touring and bundle on cruises to some of the most historic landmarks San Francisco has to offer. Hop on cruises from Alcatraz Island, once home to thousands of prisoners, to Angel Island, which served as one of the first American greetings for thousands of immigrants.

Steal a Moscow mule mug or a Lagunitas Mason jar

Why buy these things when you can just take them home after night out at the bars?

Don’t bring a jacket out, even though you know you’ll freeze

Admit it, 20-somethings would rather shiver in the San Francisco wind-chill than hide their bangin’ outfit under a coat.

NightLife Thursdays at the Academy of Sciences

The Academy of Sciences stays open late on Thursdays and turns into a 21+ venue with music, cocktails, and creatures. Grab a drink and explore what science has to offer, minus the children.

After Dark at the Exploratorium the following Thursday

Similar to Nightlife Thursdays at the Academy of Sciences, the Exploratorium is perfect for the 18 and over crowd.

Check out a film festival at the Castro Theater

The Castro Theater has numerous festivals happening throughout the year. With a little research beforehand you can find tickets to either the Asian American Film Festival, the Silent Film Festival, an LGBTQIA film fest, the Jewish Film Fest, or maybe just a simple double feature.

Experience “Sound Sculpture”

Audium, is an underground institution unlike any other in the world. The custom built 49-seat theater consists of 176 speakers. Composer Stan Shaff has been doing performances, playing 70s electronic music, with the lights out, since 1967. It is meant to allow the audiences to literally feel the music. It’s a retro and rad throwback that any vintage music buff will love.

Ticket 17
Ticket 17 | © rick/Flickr

Public Library City Guides walking tours

Walk all afternoon while local volunteer historians lead tours through certain neighborhoods of San Francisco. Walking tours last between two to five hours and can also vary in theme, from Chinatown alleys and Alfred Hitchcock film sites to Coit Tower murals. The tours are completely free and you can pick and choose which fits you best.

Fall asleep on Caltrain, Muni, or BART

We’ve all done it. After running around San Francisco all day and possibly all night, you think you’re closing your eyes for a second on MUNI or whichever public transportation, and you find yourself in Ocean Beach, or even Pittsburg/Bay Point.

Tour up and through Coit Tower

Mozy up the hills and stairs leading to one of the most recognizable monuments of the San Francisco skyline. The art deco tower was built in 1933 when Lillie Hitchcock Coit died and left the money to the city for the tower’s construction. Lillie was known for helping the city’s firefighters and eventually became her mascot. Admission to the first floor is free, but the fee to tour the second floor will fit nearly any 20-somethings tight budget.