18 Unusual Date Ideas to Try in San Francisco

upper noe/glen park, san francisco | © mk30/Flickr
upper noe/glen park, san francisco | © mk30/Flickr
Anyone can make date night ordinary, but in San Francisco, the opportunities to wow that special someone with a creative date together are practically endless. Try any of these unusual date ideas for the next night, or day, out.

Lucasfilm Headquarters

Couples who love Star Wars will have a ball exploring the Lucasfilm headquarters at the ‎Letterman Digital Arts Center in the Presidio. Although they don’t offer tours, you can still ogle the film artwork in the lobby, as well as the famous Yoda fountain.

Urban Hiking

What better way to spend time getting to know your date than on a long city walk rediscovering your own backyard? San Francisco is full of lesser-known parks, back alleyways, and other little gems. Create new memories at these places on date night.

Shaping San Francisco

If neither of you has much of a sense of direction, instead of navigating your own way through the city, consider spending date night taking a guided walking tour. Shaping San Francisco offers biking and walking tours and teaches you about the city’s history along the way.
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Midnight Mystery Bike Ride

These rides make for such an exciting date night. The meeting location is announced the day of, and then at midnight, you’ll begin on an unknown route and bike to an unknown endpoint. Well, it’s not completely unknown. They guarantee that there will be booze wherever you’re going. How can you go wrong?

Ride the Ferry to Brunch

Get an early start on your date by grabbing a coffee at the Ferry Building Marketplace and then hopping on the San Francisco Ferry to Tiburon for brunch. It’s a creative way to spend the whole day with your date. Plus, who doesn’t like a brunch date?

Brunch ©Erica Firment/Flickr

Forage SF

Shop, School
Here, you and your date will actually forage for your meal, which you’ll then prepare together, from beginning to end. Forage SF offers foraging classes in San Francisco and neighboring Oakland, where guides will show you how to pick your own wild mushrooms, catch seafood, and then cook it up. It’s fun and requires working together. That’s practically the ideal formula for a successful date.
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Sing Along Party

Park, Theater, Movie Theater, Theatre
The Dream Queen Revue and the Hot Boxxx Girls
The Dream Queen Revue and the Hot Boxxx Girls | © Aunt Charlie’s Lounge

Bring your date to The Castro Theater when the historic theater hosts one of its famous sing-a-long parties. The two of you will have a blast watching old, mostly Disney movies, and singing your lungs out with the rest of the crowd.

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Paddleboat Stow Lake

Forget just hiking Golden Gate Park. Head to Stow Lake and rent a paddleboat for a lovely afternoon date. Paddle, chat, and soak in the beauty surrounding you.
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Urban Putt

Bar, Restaurant, American
San Francisco
San Francisco | © Jeremy Thompson/Flickr
Test your putt-putt skills in a more adult setting at Urban Putt. Play until midnight or 1 a.m. on some nights. For competitive couples, up the ante by betting that the loser has to buy the first round at Urban Putt’s bar!
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