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13 of the United States’ Most Haunted Hotels

13 of the United States’ Most Haunted Hotels

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Updated: 17 September 2017

Are you looking for a spine-chilling stay that’s a little out of the ordinary? Then why not spend the night at any one of these 13 historic hotels across the United States that are known for their paranormal activity.

The Myrtles Plantation

This Creole cottage-style plantation home in Louisiana is rumored to be built on top of an old Tunica Indian burial ground. Allegedly home to over 12 ghosts, the 22-room bed and breakfast is haunted by the ghost of William Winter, an attorney who lived in the plantation in the 1800s. When shot by a stranger, he staggered up the stairway and died on the 17th step. Today guests in the hotel claim to hear his dying footsteps.

Bourbon Orleans Hotel

Book a room on the six or third floor, or wander through the long-winding hallways in the dark. Here, a confederate soldier has been seen, while many have reportedly heard the sound of soft footsteps of a little girl down the corridors. The grand Orleans ballroom is known for hosting a lonely ghost dancer swaying underneath the chandeliers, as well as the rustling of a person hiding behind the curtains. Aware of its rich, haunted history, the Bourbon Orleans Hotel, located steps away from the French Quarter, invited Chip Coffey, an internationally acclaimed psychic, to perform a reading at the Orleans ballroom. The medium communicated with several specters, including two children who passed on perhaps during the yellow fever epidemic. Interested in learning more about the hotel’s eerie past? Sign up for ghost tours offered every Thursday night with licensed tour guide John Fitzpatrick.

Omni Parker House

A favorite of past literary and political figures from Emerson to John F. Kennedy, the Omni Parker House is one of the oldest elegant inns in Boston boasting an old-world glamour of the past. Open since 1855, the historic property was founded by Harvey Parker, whom guests have reported sighting in their respective rooms. Room 303 has been described as having paranormal activity, and also served as the inspiration behind horror author Stephen King’s short story, “1408.”


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Stanley Hotel

Perched five miles away from the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, this historic hotel was the setting that inspired Stephen King’s best-selling novel The Shining after one evening spent in Room 217. The story may be fiction, but guests and employees at the 100-year-old hotel claim to hear a piano playing by itself in the hotel’s music room, the laughter of children on the fourth floor, and Room 217 is claimed to be haunted by a Ms. Elizabeth Wilson, a former housekeeper who was electrocuted during a thunderstorm.

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Logan Inn

The Logan Inn in New Hope, Pennsylvania is said to house spirits from the colonial era. As the story goes, during the Revolutionary War some of the dead were stored in the basement of the inn until a proper burial could be made for the soldiers elsewhere. One of these soldiers is said to haunt the grounds, and guests have also spotted spirits of both children and adults. Windows are also seen to open themselves up in the night.


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Crescent Hotel & Spa

Known as “America’s most haunted hotel,” the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas was once a hospital and is now haunted by patients and doctors. Visitors have even claimed to spot the spirit of a pet, Morris the cat. The hotel hosts ghost tours every evening, some stories are told around the camp fire with a creepy midnight visit to the morgue.

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The Battery Carriage House Inn

From headless torsos to spooky floating orbs, guests at the Battery Carriage Inn have experienced their share of spirit encounters. The historic Charleston inn is a waterfront property dating back to the 1800s, with cozy furnishings, romantic gardens, and a few uninvited guests. Book Room 3, 8 or 10 for a night of otherworldly visits.

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Emily Morgan Hotel

Built in 1924, the Emily Morgan Hotel in San Antonio, Texas once served as a Medical Arts Building housing doctors’ offices and a hospital for patients. The hotel boasts eerie Gothic architecture with an array of gargoyles each portraying a medical ailment. Guests have described hearing noises and spirits on certain floors of the hotel.

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Malaga Inn

Check into the quaint Malaga Inn where beds shake, furniture rearranges itself, and the ghost of a lady in white strolls across the veranda of Room 007. Situated in the old town of Mobile, Alabama, the historic rooms are furnished with antique Charleston four-poster rice beds and an old Southern-style décor once part of two carriage homes built in 1862 during the Civil War.

Marshall House

Stay in for a taste of Southern hospitality and a dose of disturbing nightmares. This Savannah hotel on Broughton Street served as a hospital in the Civil War and lived through two yellow fever epidemics making it a hotbed for ghost stories. Faucets have reportedly turned on by themselves, and the eerie voices of children are rumored to be heard running down the hallways. Reputed as one of the most haunted hotels in the U.S., the Marshall House’s peak visiting season is October, so early booking is recommended.

The Don Cesar

The glamorous Don Cesar Hotel, or “pink palace” in St. Pete Beach, Florida is haunted by its original founder, Thomas Rowe. Stories have been recounted of Rowe in his traditional white suit and Panama hat strolling hand-in-hand through the hotel with his forbidden raven-haired lover, Lucinda. A courteous spirit, he opens doors for staff members and greets guests in his gentlemanly manner.

Union Station Hotel

Once a bustling railroad station in the 1800s, the Union Station Hotel in Nashville is reportedly haunted by a love story gone awry. It was here a young bride by the name of Abigail took her own life by jumping from the balcony onto the train tracks after learning the news of her deceased love during World War II. Her ghost has been spotted roaming the balcony and haunting Room 711. Moreover, the hotel guests have made numerous reports of unexplained tapping, and lights turning off with an overall creepy sensation looming in the rooms during the night.

Congress Plaza Hotel

Stay the night in the hotel’s most haunted room, Room 441 inhabited by a vengeful spirit that reportedly kicks guests awake. Once the home of presidents and gangsters alike, the glamorous hotel has an eerie past of unfortunate events. Rumor has it that a serial killer by the name of Dr. H. H. Holmes would meet young women in the hotel lobby and then lure them to their death. Notorious gangster Al Capone resided in a suite of the North tower and is believed to still be haunting the hallways. And then there’s the tale of a mother whom, while visiting the hotel, pushed her two little boys through the window to their deaths. The boys still play tricks on guests on the 6th floor. Many of the rooms in this hotel are sealed off, perhaps too creepy to allow visitors in. If you’re looking to investigate, wander through the stairs in the South tower where the most paranormal activity has been experienced. Frequent reports have been made about the mysterious ghostly hand stretching out through the Gold Room and unexplained whispering in the Florentine Room.