13 Hilarious Translation Fails from Around the World 

© Romain Vignes / Unsplash
© Romain Vignes / Unsplash
Photo of India Irving
Social Media Editor19 December 2017

We’ve all been there. You’re travelling in a non-English speaking country and suddenly you come upon a terrible, belly laugh-inducing translation and your day is suddenly made. Welcome to translation fails. They are hilarious, silly and oftentimes inappropriate. These are 13 of the best ones ever.


Bitch festival, anyone?


This one’s pretty basic but still funny. It should read bathroom, not bath.


So many questions about this one, until you realise they mean all ‘kinds’ of bread. Really though, what is the king of bread if you had to choose one?


Breaking news, don’t enter this toilet without your helmet.


#OnlyinChina I will carefully slide down the stairs 😂😂 #TranslationFails

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Standard instructions to slide down stairs. You know, as you do…


You have to search a little for this one. It might not be a problem you are used to encountering.



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Hmm, Coca Cola has taken on a whole new meaning here.


There are a few good ones here, but whatever you do, don’t drop your butt in the toilet bowl.


Not sure what this is supposed to say, but wow, hopefully no one hates vegetables that much!


Only like my coffee if it’s from a bank, obvs.


Danger, you will fall into the sea soon.


Fair warning, don’t wake up the grass.


Fuckin' meme

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It doesn’t really get more epic than this.

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