13 Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired by the Art World

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Social Media Editor30 October 2017

Tired of your usual scary/trendy/risqué Halloween style? How about adding a flash of sophistication to your look this year with with an art-themed costume! From a Roy Lichtenstein pop art princess to the iconic American Gothic couple, here are 13 fancy dress ideas that will add some high culture and serious fun into your night!

Andy Warhol

It’s easy to dress as the king of pop art and it couldn’t be cooler either. Just throw on a black polo neck and black jeans, grab a wig and carry a few cans of Campbell’s Soup for good measure.

Andy Warhol | via Oh Happy Day

Girl with a Pearl Earring

Be the belle of the Dutch Golden Age as Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring. The earring itself is of course the key accessory here and you will also need both a blue and a yellow headscarf, a white shirt, a beige shawl and a flowy skirt. Minimal makeup is required – just a reddish pink lip and hey presto!

Girl with a Pearl Earring | via The House That Lars Built

Rage, Flower Thrower

This street art icon by Banksy is a great costume option if you want to be ultra trendy and artsy at the same time. Keep it simple without the face paint, dual-coloured jeans and hoodie all together, or go all out like this guy did, making art out of his art-themed outfit!

Banksy Flower Thrower | via My Modern Met

Mona Lisa

Wear the most famous smile in the world as Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa! A frame with a landscape background is all you need, then cut through, let those wavy locks loose, get those cheek dimples showing and voila! Again, this look requires practically no makeup, and the outfit itself can be mimicked with simple basics from your closet.

Mona Lisa | via Military Spouse

Vincent van Gogh

Keep it easy and utterly recognisable as the Dutch post-impressionist painter behind such masterpieces as Starry Night. A natural ginger beard is ideal for this look, but you can always buy one if need be! Beyond that, you will need a straw hat, cardigan or blazer and to top it off, an old-fashioned pipe. For an added bonus, try taping up one of your ears.

Vincent Van Gogh | via The House that Lars Built

Piet Mondrian

Get geometric, as a Piet Mondrian painting! While you probably don’t own a dress like this, it wouldn’t be too hard to DIY a colour-block frock to resemble the iconic works of this Dutch modernist painter.

Mondrian Dress | © rustycuts / etsy

Little Dancer, Aged Fourteen

Pose as one of art history’s most famous sculptures ever, Edgar Degas’s Little Dancer, Aged Fourteen. You are covering two bases with this tutu, as not only are you portraying the now multi-million dollar artwork, but also the subject the piece is based on, young Paris Opera Ballet student, Marie van Goethem.

Little Dancer, Aged 14 | via Susan Combs/Pinterest

The Scream

Want to dress as one of the most expensive paintings sold at auction ever and stay in the horror theme at the same time? Look no further than Edvard Munch’s The Scream. Pro-tip: Grab a poster of the famous artwork if you don’t feel like trying to paint the background yourself.

The Scream | via The Film Cell

Frida Kahlo

Let your eyebrow hair fly free as Mexican surrealist painter, Frida Kahlo. A fabulous flower crown, statement bracelets, bold lip and colourful embroidered clothing complete this look.

Frida Kahlo | via Cable Car Couture

American Gothic

Grant Wood’s American Gothic has to be the world’s most perfect artsy couples costume! Just channel Little House on the Prairie for the clothing, jump in that frame and create what Instagram dreams are made of. Oh, and whatever you do don’t forget the pitchfork!

American Gothic | via Seakettle

Pablo Picasso

Go fully cubist as a Pablo Picasso portrait! The makeup for this look is pretty intensive but remember, these works are abstract anyway, so feel free to make mistakes! The striped shirt is a lovely touch here and of course the frame not only alludes to the painting itself, but also adds another square to complete the theme.

Pablo Picasso | via abbydee.com

Salvador Dali

If you want to keep your costume fun, simple and absolutely charming, surrealist artist Salvador Dali is an excellent choice. Plus, you’ll get to don what will probably be the most incredible moustache of your life.

Salvador Dali | via Con Botas de Agua

Roy Lichtenstein

Recreate Pop Art in real life as a Roy Lichtenstein girl! Again, the makeup is no joke here, but based on how awesome this look is, it is absolutely worth it! Large pearl earrings and a sun-yellow wig will leave people confusing you for the original. For an added bonus, make yourself a comment bubble and write in one of the artist’s famous phrases.

Roy Lichtenstein | via Scene 360

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