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13 Designs That Have Seriously Improved Your Life
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13 Designs That Have Seriously Improved Your Life

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Updated: 18 December 2015
There are so many incredible designs in the world that help improve life as we know it, from the technological to fashion and furniture, and more. From truly life-changing ideas to those that improve our quality of life, we’ve put together a list of 13 great designs. While some of these may not benefit everyone, they very well may help someone you know.


There is no doubt that computers have changed numerous lives over the years. No matter where we look, from stores to banks to hospitals to cars to schools, there are computers. On a personal level, they allow us to write papers without having to use Wite Out, store important files without the bulk of paper, jump onto the World Wide Web to discover anything we want, the list goes on and on. Designs continue to improve every year, transforming once bulky desktop computers into streamline versions and laptops that can be taken anywhere.

World Wide Web

Although the World Wide Web has probably hindered people in certain ways — today we have much less face-to-face time with other people, and often find ourselves glued to the computer for hours at a time — it has also improved lives massively. It makes it easier to keep in touch with friends and family, to stay informed of world events in real time and to learn about almost any subject, all on your own time.


While some people might argue that moving staircases have made people lazier, they have and continue to make life easier for many people around the world. For many people, escalators are a convenience that are not often thought about. However, many other people see them as a life changer. For example, an open-air escalator was built in Medellín, Colombia, giving those people living in Comuna 13 — one of the poorest areas — an easier way of getting to the city and ultimately giving them a better quality of life. Before they had to climb stairs equivalent to 28 stories.

MP3 Player

Many music lovers rejoiced when the MP3 player was designed. Instead of carrying a cassette or CD Walkman around, these great music players now stored music digitally. Depending on the amount of storage on a device, people can store hundreds and thousands of songs on one small player. Long gone are the days of having to carry a separate case for cassettes and CDs.

iPod Nano 3rd Generation | © Andrew/Flickr
iPod Nano 3rd Generation | © Andrew/Flickr

Murphy Bed

Anyone who has lived in a tiny place knows how important it is to utilize and make the most of every inch of space. The Murphy Bed, designed by William Lawrence Murphy in the early 20th century, is a bed that can be stored vertically in a closet or some type of other space. It is perfect for small studio apartments that many people who live in cities often find themselves living in. It allow one space to serve different purposes rather than just as a bedroom.

Cell Phone

Cell phones have greatly improved people’s lives over the years. From the gigantic versions to the thin smart phones of today, cell phones not only make it easier to get in contact with someone at a moment’s notice, but they can also save lives: if a child is abducted in the USA, the AMBER Alert system can send a message to a phone, allowing people to be on the look out. The phones of today even have the technology to record events as they’re happening, spreading news around the world in a blink of an eye.

Independence Day Clothing

Independence Day Clothing is a great company improving the lives of many people with their clothing designs. Wanting to give her son who has autism the ability to get dressed on his own, Lauren Thierry began to design clothes that will look great no matter how they’re worn. The pieces are easy to put on (no zippers, buttons, or tags), and there is no such thing as putting them on backward since the front and back are the same. A GPS tracking device can also be incorporated into the clothing, giving peace of mind to those who have loved ones who might wander away.


Many people in this world are fortunate to live in place with clean water that is easily accessible; however, there are many others who are not as fortunate. The Q-Drum and other similar products, like the Wello Water Wheel, allow people to collect clean water in a round container, which can be rolled rather than carried, and get it back to their loved ones without hurting themselves while transporting it.

Safety Enhancements on Cars

For those who spend any time behind the wheel of a car or as a passenger, the safety standards in vehicles continue to improve. From the addition of seat belts in the mid-20th century to airbags in the late 1980s, many safety designs have ultimately improved lives by preventing deaths and serious injuries. New cars are also coming with cameras, allowing drivers have better views when backing up.

Pop-Up Parks

A new design that is improving quality of life for numerous people is the pop-up parks or parklets. People are so busy with their lives and work that sometimes they forget to take some time to relax and mingle with others. These little areas, often in parking spaces and often temporary, encourage people to get out and be part of their community.

Parklet in Los Altos, CA, | © Jim Fenton/Flickr
Parklet in Los Altos, CA, | © Jim Fenton/Flickr


Duolingo is an amazing online program where people can learn a second, third, or fourth (or even more) language — for free. Not only is it great for those people who want to travel and be able to communicate with the locals, but it is also indispensable for immigrants and refugees. Indeed, the company recently announced that they are putting together a course for Syrian refugees immigrating to Germany. It’s a great language educational program that is changing the world.

Rolling Luggage

Rolling luggage has made life so much easier for travelers around the world. Whether trying to carry heavy luggage or an awkward carry-on while running through an airport to catch your flight, a suitcase with wheels makes it much easier. The pieces of the luggage themselves continue to improve as companies are constantly trying to create a better rolling suitcase with lighter, smaller wheels.

Reusable Water Bottles

Some people may not think about reusable water bottles improving lives, but they do. A lot of people buy cases of bottled water, which not only hurts our water supply but also the environment with landfills littered with empty bottles, but when a reusable bottle is used, the means less waste. That, of course, helps the environment, which, in turn, will help future generations.