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11 Instagram Accounts For Beauty Inspiration

Picture of Anna T. Wilson
Updated: 25 April 2017
Makeup is incredible isn’t it? Finding which brands to use, which ones to avoid, and trial and error is oddly fun. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult for Black women to find makeup artists to help their journey as a lot of brands don’t cater to darker skin tones. Lucky for us, these 11 beautiful Black Instagrammers have made it their business to be accessible and inspirational for Black makeup lovers all over the world.

Jackie Aina

when he says send nudes 😏wearing Maybelline Raw Chocolate lipstick 💄 #mnypartner #intimattenudes 😊

A post shared by Jackie Aina (@jackieaina) on

Jackie Aina is a well-rounded, hilarious, talented makeup artist and her looks range from a glam night out look to an everyday work look. On her YouTube channel, she often posts ‘low end v. high end’ videos that compare expensive products to their inexpensive counterparts, which is super helpful for all of her viewers and followers.

Shantania Beckford

The lovely Shantania is a Jamaican makeup artist currently living in the UK. Her looks are very glamorous and she often throws in wig tutorials and tips about installation, which is incredibly useful for those that want the head-to-toe look that she often achieves. She even gives tips on skin care and how to combat hyper-pigmentation to create a more seamless look under her makeup. Shantania even uses the word ‘fleeky’. That is reason enough to tune in and watch her!

Nyma Tang

Nyma is always on a hunt for foundation that fits her beautiful rich skin tone and she has no qualms with inviting you along on the journey. Her looks are very achievable and often affordable – never expect a look that’s not full faced or full on gorgeous! Nyma’s joyful persona and infectious smile keeps her viewers coming back for more.

Ronke Raji

Ronke is glam and glam is Ronke. Her looks are absolutely gorgeous and photoshoot worthy. Be sure to watch closely when checking out her tutorials because her looks are detailed and distinct, and she doesn’t want you missing out on anything!


Caption this ☺😂

A post shared by Raschelle msroshposh (@msroshposh) on

Would it be redundant to say that glam is Raschelle and Raschelle is glam? Well, there are no other words to describe her, so she and Ronke will have to share. Raschelle’s looks are G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S and her unique eye shape lets her achieve striking looks. If you want a dewy look, she’s got it. Full coverage? No problem! Just check out her social media pages because there is something for everyone!

Alissa Ashley

It's a Cherry Blossom kinda day 😌 lips are @colouredraine Cherry Blossom (code "glowmomma" for $ off)

A post shared by Alissa Ashley (@alissa.ashley) on

Alissa Ashley is fun, quirky, adorable, talented and worth following. Her vlogs are super informative and personal. She has hooded eyes, so she has videos that cater to her fellow hooded-eyed viewers. Her followers and viewers can always count on her for achievable flawless looks and incredibly helpful tutorials, so don’t waste any more time. Go follow her!

Uche Natori

Lashes: @DemureLashes Congo #GlassCeiling

A post shared by Uche Natori (@uchjn) on

Uche’s looks are very smokey, striking, soft and defined all at the same time. She achieves looks for her unique features that are definitely worth a try. Her tutorials are helpful as they are entertaining, and it is highly advised to have your phone next to you while you sit at the vanity at home. After watching one of her videos, you’ll be ready to try one of her looks for yourself.

Raye Boyce

Rosy 🌷 Hair – @bigchophair

A post shared by Raye Boyce (@itsmyrayeraye) on

Raye’s looks are also soft with a defined brow and always paired with a beautiful lip to top off the look. Her viewers can count on her for a look that will turn heads and make others jealous.

Melly Sanchez

Melly is a bubbly makeup artist who has achieved the edgy, everyday chiselled, playful, bright look all at the same time! She’s an unbelievable artist who uses makeup as her outlet for her obviously creative ideas, and she isn’t afraid to go there with her ambition and showstopping looks.

Damis Faces Artistry~DFA~

Dami is all about that highlight and contour life. Her perfect looks are designed to leave a lasting impression and, to make things even better, she makes sure her hair and accessories match her makeup look. Doing this helps her viewers create their own well-rounded look for themselves.

Patricia Bright

Patricia is not always thought of first as a makeup artist. People usually associate her with her style and life vlogs, but she not-so-secretly is really good at achieving a flawless look. She is a bright ray of sunshine and invites her followers on her skin care journey, making sure to show her followers practical but stunning looks.


@MakeupforMelaninGirls is like the page @makeupviddeoss but it is exclusively for Black women from a lighter skin all the way to a rich deep skinned woman.


P.S. Since shades of black are relative just like beauty is in the eye of the beholder, find the artist that best suits your skin tone and the looks you want to achieve. Happy makeuping!