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People Making Paper Flowers Craft Art Work Handicraft
People Making Paper Flowers Craft Art Work Handicraft
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11 Free Ways to Tap Into Your Inner Creative Wherever You Are in the World

Picture of India Irving
Social Media Editor
Updated: 13 October 2017
As adults, it’s often easy to get into a routine that excludes a creative outlet for your energy and passions. Luckily, you don’t have to spend money to get out there and feed your soul with some good old-fashioned creativity. Here are 11 free ways to tap into your inner creative wherever you are in the world.

Visit a Museum

Although some museums have paid entry, many of them are also free! Exploring an art exhibition whether it be painting, sculpture, installation or beyond is a fantastic way of igniting your own creative fire. Pro tip: If the museums in your area charge entry, try an art gallery instead!

Listen to Music

Didgeridoo Street Player
Didgeridoo Street Player | © Noel Deans / WikiCommons

Whether it’s a local band playing in the square or even just blasting music through your headphones, taking some time to zone out and listen to your favourite music always gets those creative juices flowing.

Reconnect with nature

Head to your local beach or park, take off your shoes and just be. Connecting with nature is soothing and helps you refocus on your passions.


Take some well-deserved ‘you time’ to unplug and meditate. Clear your mind with a meditation method of your choosing and see how far it takes you when it comes to opening up your creative spirit.

Find like-minded people

People Making Paper Flowers Craft Art Work Handicraft
People Making Paper Flowers Craft Art Work Handicraft | © rawpixel / pexels

Whether this means checking out a local creative meet-up or just spending more time with creative friends you already have, surrounding yourself with fellow creatives is among the best ways of rediscovering that side of yourself.

Keep a journal

Keep a journal | © pixabay / pexels
Keep a journal | © pixabay / pexels

Journaling every day or even once a week gives you a place to write your creative ideas down as they flow out of you. You can then go back and read your journal for inspiration whenever you desire.

Do something that scares you

Dance class, Christchurch, NZ, 2006
Dance class, Christchurch, NZ, 2006 | © Jorge Royan / WikiCommons

Attend a local open mic or poetry jam, or take a dance class at your community centre. These types of activities give you adrenaline and are a great way to let loose and express yourself.

Take a walk

Chances are, no matter where you live, your city holds inspiration—so put on some trainers and take a walk. You’ll be surprised what the sights and sounds will do for your spirit.

Learn the language

If you’re in a foreign country, try learning a bit of the native language. Opening your mind up to a new way of communicating is a fantastic way to get creative.

Read a book

Shakespeare and Company
Shakespeare and Company | © Alexandre Duret-Lutz / WikiCommons

Curling up with a good book is a tried and true method to getting inspired.

Make art

Artist Paint Brush and Palette
Artist Paint Brush and Palette | © Marco Verch / WikiCommons

Whether you’re doodling from your own mind or trying to copy a famous landmark or painting, making art connects your mind to your hands, which gets that creative brain going super quickly.