10 Queer Latinxs to Follow on Twitter

Sit down with a coffee and follow these queer Latinxs
Sit down with a coffee and follow these queer Latinxs | © Free-Photos / Pixabay
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Northern England Writer19 April 2018

Twitter, much like any social network, can do just as much bad as good (here’s looking at you, Facebook!), but it is one of the few spots where you can truly curate your feed to be hilarious, informative and educational without those annoying Instagram adverts and relatives you’d really rather delete. With that in mind, here are 10 queer Latinxs you need to follow on Twitter.


@QueerXiChisme is, according to their bio, a ‘Nerdy Femme Critic Demi-Hoe’, who often (re)tweets about, well, chisme (gossip, and how it’s so much more than that), as well as sex workers’ rights, homelessness amongst queer people and being sweaty in Chicago. You can also book them to speak at your college, school or institution about anything from toxic masculinity to rape culture.


Nicaraguan with paternal Salvi roots, @priscadorcas wears hats and a centre part like no other and tweets about Central American pride, divorce and interracial dating, amongst other things. Recent topics of conversation on her timeline include tweets that reject the – in her words – assertion of ‘Christian ethical white hetero supremacist’ frameworks. She’s also the founder of Latina Rebels.


@arianathepoet is a ‘queer Black mexican american poeta’ whose favoured topics of timeline conversation include mental health, afro-Latinx representation and the worrying prevalence of a ‘we’re all mestizos’ attitude in modern day Mexico, alongside the everyday anxieties we all face about investing in someone too fast or coming on too strong. Her timeline in three words? Relatable and educational.


Guncle, partner, son and Florida’s first and only Latinx LGBTQ lawmaker to date, Carlos G. Smith can be followed on Twitter at the handy handle @carlosgsmith. While his timeline is certainly way more professional than personal, it certainly makes a change from the horrors of scrolling through a feed full of Trump tweets.


Self-described as a ‘guatemalan-slovak diaspora kid’, Ludmila Leiva (a.k.a. @ludileiva) has one of the coolest Twitter profile photos around. Really though, given that she’s an illustrator, this should come as no surprise. And nor should her propensity for razor sharp tweets which oscillate between hilarious and informative, and constantly elevate marginalised voices.


@giaawoman is the Twitter handle of brown, trans, femme UC Berkeley student Juniperangelica Cordova (also known as Gia), who was recently in the running to be the Student Body President. Unfortunately, she didn’t manage to become the college’s first trans Latinx person to hold the position, but given that she’s a long-time activist, Juniperangelica Cordova will surely continue advocating for inclusivity, affordable student housing and a removal of policies which negatively impact low-income students.


@AFROXICANX’s bio describes them as ‘Blaxican. AfroIndigenous. Muslim’, putting them at the intersection of several marginalised identities. @AFROXICANX tweets about their political views (they’re Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, if you were wondering), their activist organising, and the need for action to be grounded in political theory.


@tummyfuq, a.k.a. Caleb, is a writer with bylines at Everyday Feminism, The Body is Not an Apology and BGD Blog. They are a ‘fat qpoc’ (queer person of colour) and PhD student with an apparent love of tweeting about pop culture (does a recent first-watch of 2004’s Blade Trinity, count?), as well as how they’re the ‘queen of mixed signals’. Beyond that, they also cover topics like the pay gap which separates fat people from their thin counterparts and femme identities.


Annie Segarra is a ‘Content Creator (Youtuber), Intersectional Activist, Queer Disabled’ Latinx who tweets under the handle of @annieelainey and can be seen talking about disability and joy (and how they’re not mutually exclusive—in fact she sells apparel which says as much!), alongside disabled queer representation and the fact that dogs got apps before disabled people.


Pro-sex work, and anti-US military, the feed of @ivette_s_ is a lesson in common sense and features some great, no-holds-barred calling out of their detractors too, as well as some excellent selfies. For an education in why safety in sex work should be a priority, and the problematics of cishet men, Ivette is the one to follow.

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