10 Gifts For Aspiring Fitness Addicts

For that person in your life who’s ready to make a lifestyle improvement, or kick their current health habits up a notch, we’ve assembled a list of the coolest workout related gifts.

Smoothie Boosters

Elle Macpherson’s brand The Super Elixir is composed of two thoughtfully created supplements: A plant-based protein containing all nine essential amino acids for repair and growth, and an alkalizing green powder made from cold-pressed veggies, Chinese herbs and four probiotics for gut health. Spooned into a smoothie and poured into the provided bottle, they make a nourishing, portable, post-gym breakfast.

Peloton Bike

Peloton has revolutionized at-home fitness with the release of its state-of-the-art bike. It comes with a library of on-demand spin videos, or you can join a live class through the wonder of streaming — getting an instructor-led workout from the comfort of your own home. The bike also tracks your progress and comes with the option to join a leader board alongside other riders across the world.

Fitness Tracker

Fitbit Fitness Tracker

According to one research study fitness trackers might not be a surefire way to lose weight, but they will help the wearer be more conscious of the way they’re living overall, like the number of steps they take and the hours of sleep they get each night. Suddenly, thanks to the metrics dashboard on their phone, they’ll find themselves striving to meet health goals, forming positive habits as they go.

Super Duper Yoga Mat

No Ka’Oi’s mat is grippy on the bottom, cushiony on top. Perfect for painful knees in poses like Camel, and machine washable if they’re a Bikram fan. For non-yogis, this mat is great for floor work, like crunches and stretching.

Bluetooth Headphones

The right music can trick you into thinking you’re not working as hard as you are and does wonders for endurance (songs with 140 to 144 beats per minute are optimal for fueling your workout, FYI). But wire headphones don’t really mesh well with burpees and hauling weights. These bluetooth ones allow you to enjoy your latest playlist without getting in the way.
Hussar Magicbuds Wireless Headphones, $32.99

Water Bottle With Storage Compartment

The question of what to do with your valuables when you workout has been answered thanks to this Kangaroo water bottle, which contains a fold-away storage solution for keys, cash and cards. It’s also a great gift for commuting or recreational cyclists.

Under-Desk Exercise Peddler

Being sedentary in a chair all day long is a huge contributor to health complications down the line. If a treadmill desk seems like a little bit full-on, this fold-away peddler is a good option for an office environment.

Self-Massage Tools For Muscle Release

Professional athletes swear by self-massage for recovery, but everybody can benefit from the deep tissue acupressure these ACUMOBILITY balls provide. Benefits of using them regularly include increased flexibility and range of motion, trigger point and myofascial release, and reduced soreness after a workout. In short it makes bodies looser and less prone to injury.

Invigorating Muscle Gel

This gym bag staple is made from a reviving blend of V-tonic, arnica, natural magnesium, horse chestnut, Murumuru butter and fresh spearmint. Perfect pre or post-workout.

High-tech Scale

These days serious health fanatics don’t just rely on weight to judge their progress, they track their body composition. The Under Armor scale gives a body fat verses lean tissue reading and syncs with smart phones, making it really easy to monitor gains.