10 Female Fitness Instagramers to Replace Your Personal Trainer

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Updated: 21 July 2017
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There are two kinds of fitness influencers on Instagram: The ones who look hot in a pair of printed leggings, and leverage that fact to promote protein shakes; and those who share snippets of their workouts, providing a steady feed of tips as well as aesthetic fitspiration. Follow these accounts and get exercise examples, form-honing advice and nutritional tidbits that’ll make your personal trainer obsolete.

Abby Pollock

Despite having a full-on day job as a mechanical engineer, Abby Pollock not only finds time to workout, but to share her gym sessions with a 407k-strong following. Before she discovered heavy weights, Pollock was a very slender cardio junkie. Her progress photos are a testament to the difference a proper training regimen can make.

Brittne Babe

Fast and perfectly executed calisthenics (body-weight exercises that don’t require equipment) are Brittne Babe‘s thing. As a former athlete and current personal trainer, many of her moves are advanced, but there’s still plenty for beginners to emulate.

Kellen Lemos

Practicing even the most foundational exercises with incorrect form can be inefficient at best and physically damaging at worst. On her account Kellen Lemos demos exactly how to competently execute the moves everybody should have in their repertoire, often with cameos from her pet cat.

Brittany Perille Yobe

Brittany Perille Yobe‘s videos, which are glute-centric, are full of inventive and unusual ways to use ubiquitous machines in pursuit of your fitness goals. A great account for regular gym goers, especially those who look forward to leg day.

Anna Victoria

Shape cover girl Anna Victoria intersperses her feed with videos demoing simple but effective do-anywhere moves you can use to create HIIT (high intensity interval) workouts at home. She’s also a big advocate for body positivity and self-acceptance, so expect occasional unposed soft-tummy shots and posts that address the latest ridiculous body fixations, like “hip dips“.


Brooklyn resident Aviva is a big advocate for skipping expensive classes and personal training sessions in favor of going it alone (or with a workout buddy for added accountability). Follow for HIIT sequences you can copy, healthy sweet treat recipes and her infectious upbeat determination.

Frantzcesca Casimir

Although Frantzcesca Casimir (AKA Fancy) is ex-military, she didn’t really get fit and lose her excess pounds until she joined a CrossFit gym and started eating Paleo. When she’s not pushing cars and flipping tires, she posts some challenging workouts that will have you all kinds of achy the following day.

Whitney Simmons

If you’ve got the cardio down but need to incorporate more weights, Whitney Simmons has you covered. An advocate for women lifting heavy, her videos are full of head-to-toe exercises that will build and tone your muscles fast.

Mackenzie Forbes

As a former anorexic, consistent training and a healthy vegan diet have been a vital parts of Mackenzie Forbes‘ recovery process. The 17 year old’s main focus is weight lifting, but she’s also got some great alternative tips for getting more out of the treadmill, like this 12 minute HIIT circuit.

Alexia Clark

The self-described “queen of workouts” posts clear videos of exercises you can follow along with in the gym, plus suggestions for how to up the burn, like this killer TRX-resistance band combo.

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