10 Cultural Moments From Around the World in 2017

The Women's March on D.C. | Amanda Suarez / © Culture Trip
Picture of Amanda Suarez
Updated: 21 December 2017
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As another year draws to a close, Culture Trip looks at some of the memorable events across the globe that we’ve covered in 2017. Some of these happen annually, while others were once-in-a-lifetime. Either way, it all adds up to a glorious reflection of the plurality of cultures and perspectives in our world.

The inauguration of Donald Trump

Donald Trump rides down Pennsylvania Avenue during the Inaugural Parade
© Amanda Suarez

The year started with a dramatic change in leadership in one of the world’s most powerful countries. Donald J. Trump became the 45th President of the United States on January 21, 2017, and a spotlight was thrown on the political divide in America. This divide was highlighted the next morning as millions participated in Women’s Marches across the country; the largest taking place in Washington, D.C.

A protester holds a sign reading “You are not my president” during the march towards the White House
© Culture Trip / Amanda Suarez

Seoullo 7017 opens in South Korea

Seoullo 7017 takes its name from the year in which it was built, 1970, and 2017, when it was reborn
Laura Maniglier / © Culture Trip

Originally constructed in 1970 as the Seoul Overpass Station, Seoullo 7017 opened this year as a new overpass-turned-park. Reminiscent of the famous New York High Line in Chelsea, Seuollo 7017 drew more than three million visitors in its first 100 days.

Once a congested highway, the Seoullo 7017 is now a popular pedestrian walkway
© Culture Trip / Laura Maniglier

The election of Emmanuel Macron

The French and EU flag
© Nikki Vargas

The world watched and waited to see if France would follow in the nationalist wake of Trump and Brexit during the decisive election between centrist Emmanuel Macron and far-right party leader Marine Le Pen. Macron, 39, emerged from the contest as the youngest French president in history, and people took to the streets to celebrate the large margin of victory.

Macron rally at the Louvre
© Nikki Vargas

A celebration of the dead in Indonesia

A Toraja woman, who has been dead for 30 years, is given a new dress during the Ma’nene Festival
© Culture Trip / Putu Bagus Susastra

Ma’nene, an important tradition in Toraja culture, involves the cleaning, grooming and re-dressing of deceased family members, and usually takes place every three years. Culture Trip photographer Putu Bagus Susastra shot an unnamed woman’s 10th Ma’nene at a cave burial site in Lo’ko Mata Toraja, Indonesia.

Scenes from the Ma’nene ritual
Putu Bagus Susastra / © Culture Trip

A three-day trip down the Amazon

Two young children look up from below a cargo ship embarking on a three day journey down the Amazon
Mia Spingola / © Culture Trip

“This is my home: the boat, the river.” Culture Trip photographer Mia Spingola took a trip down the Amazon River on a cargo ship and spoke to those who called the ship’s hammocks home for the three-day voyage.

A passenger sits in a hammock strung up in front of the cargo ship’s shipment of eggs
Mia Spingola / © Culture Trip

Valletta named 2018 European Capital of Culture

A couple walks along the river as the sunsets in Valletta
Ramon Portelli / © Culture Trip

Valletta, the capital of Malta, already a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was named the European Capital of Culture for 2018.

Ramon Portelli / © Culture Trip

Kichijoji’s Autumn Festival, in Tokyo

Parading through the backstreets of Kichijoji
Mithila Jariwala / © Culture Trip

Every fall at the Shinto shrine Musashino Hachimangu, residents of the Kichijoji neighborhood gather to welcome autumn during Aki Matsuri. The festivities include decadent parades of ornate palanquins, Musashino Hayashi music, and plenty of street vendors.

Participants chant to the same rhythm throughout the Kichijoji parade
Mithila Jariwala / © Culture Trip

Mumbai’s Sassoon Docks are transformed into works of art

Inside Out’s artist covered a building’s facade with monochrome portraits of people from the area
Shalu Khandelwal / © Culture Trip

Thirty Indian and international artists were invited to take part in the Sassoon Dock Art Project this year. St+Art India, a collaborative initiative, brought together artists from numerous disciplines to transform the 142-year-old docks.

A mural on the docks
Shalu Khandelwal / © Culture Trip

The colors and Wi-Fi of Cuba

Viñales, Cuba
Amber Snider/ © Culture Trip

As President Trump imposed stricter trade and travel restrictions than those of his predecessor, architecture and design editor Amber Snider traveled to communist Cuba to examine the high-stakes Wi-Fi black market on the vibrant island.

Trinidad, Cuba
Amber C Snider / © Culture Trip

The funeral of King Rama IX

Mourners gather for the Thai king’s funeral in spite of the bad weather
© Culture Trip

The late King Rama IX of Thailand—commonly referred to as the “Father of all Thais” was cremated on October 26, 2017— after a year of mourning. The five-day funeral brought the nation onto the streets and cost an estimated $90 million.

Alexander Martin /
© Culture Trip
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