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The best gifts for the photographer in your life.
The best gifts for the photographer in your life.

10 Best Gifts Under $100 For Budding Photographers

Picture of Peter Ward
Tech Editor
Updated: 18 November 2016
Photography can be an expensive hobby, but fortunately for those looking to get serious with their camera, technology is improving and prices are falling. Here are 10 gifts under $100 for the photographer in your life.

Neewer 48 Marco LED Ring Light with 6 Adapter Rings $26.99

A ring light is a perfect companion to your camera if you take a lot of portrait photos, particularly if you want to add emphasis to the eyes of your subject. This LED ring light comes with a selection of adapter rings and can be used on a number of different cameras.

Price: $26.99

The NEEWER 48 Marco Ring Light
The NEEWER 48 Marco Ring Light | Courtesy Amazon.

Adobe Photoshop Shortcuts Keyboard Keys

Photoshop is a really important part of any serious or budding photographer’s toolkit. This keyboard gives you the shortcuts you need to get around the complex world of Adobe Photoshop a little quicker and a little easier.

Price: $18.99

Adobe Photoshop Shortcuts Keyboard Skin
Adobe Photoshop Shortcuts Keyboard Skin | Courtesy Amazon.

1TB External Hard Drive, $59.99

Photographers need space in abundance, and sometimes, the cloud just doesn’t cut it. That’s why you probably need an external hard drive of some kind. External hard drives are cheaper, smaller, and have a higher capacity than ever before, and are always a welcome gift for photographers.

Price: $59.99

WD 1TB My Passport Black Portable
WD 1TB My Passport Black Portable | Courtesy Amazon.

Street Notes – A Workbook & Assignments Journal for Street Photographers

Not every gift has to be a gadget or a wonderful piece of technology. This workbook and assignment journal encourages budding photographers to get out and shoot, and learn their craft.

Price: $19.95

Street Notes
Street Notes | Courtesy Amazon.

Lucky Strap

A comfortable camera strap can make the difference between you really enjoying photography and finding it a tiresome chore. If you’re serious about photography, it’s worth looking into investing into a more comfortable strap so carrying the camera around all day doesn’t annoy you or, even worse, hurt you.

Price: $74.90

Lucky Camera Strap
Lucky Camera Strap | Courtesy Lucky Straps.

iPhone Lens Kit

Just because you don’t have a fancy camera, doesn’t mean you can’t be a photographer. There are plenty of photographers who use their iPhones and other smartphones with astonishing results. There are accessories you can add on to your phone. This CamKix kit includes lenses, a tripod, a phone holder, and more.

Price: $39.99

CamKix Camera Lens Kit
CamKix Camera Lens Kit | Courtesy Amazon.

Make your own photo book

A modern day photographer may never see their photos in print, which is a shame. As amazing as photos can look on the screen, it’s always a joy to view a perfectly captured image on the printed page. Blurb lets you make your own custom photo book, for an affordable price.

Price: $56.99-$86.99

Make a photo book
Make a photo book | Courtesy blurb.

Magnum Contact Sheets

All creative minds need inspiration, which is what makes this collection of contact sheets so valuable to a photographer. Contact sheets tell the story of what went into the photograph. This collection features creative methods, strategies, and editing processes of photography greats such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Elliott Erwitt, Trent Parke, and Alex Soth.

Price: $70

Magnum Contact Sheets
Magnum Contact Sheets | Courtesy Amazon.

iPhone/Android film scanner

Shooting photos on film is still a really popular option for some photographers, but isn’t great if you want to share the results with all your friends. The Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner lets you scan 35mm film directly onto your smartphone, allowing you to upload photos to Instagram, Facebook, or wherever you like.

Price: $59

iPhone and Android film scanner
iPhone and Android film scanner | Courtesy Photojojo.

Langly Memory Cache

Memory cards are annoyingly incredibly useful for photographers, but they can also be annoyingly fiddly and easy to lose. The Langly Memory Cache lets you store up to eight CF or SD cards, so you’ll never misplace them again.

Price: $24

Langly memory cache
Langly memory cache | Courtesy Langly