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The 10 Best Restaurants In Rogers, Arkansas
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The 10 Best Restaurants In Rogers, Arkansas

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Updated: 9 February 2017
The town of Rogers is home to a whole host of restaurants serving cuisine from all of the world. We find 10 of the best restaurants that offer a haven for foodies in this naturally beautiful Arkansas town.
Lobster Rangoon at the Bonefish Grill © Krista/Flickr
Lobster Rangoon at the Bonefish Grill | © Krista/Flickr
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Bonefish Grill

While many restaurants specialize in getting one meal down pat, Bonefish Grill supplies everything you could possibly want for brunch, lunch or dinner. There is a full range of entrees, desserts and cocktails to complete every meal perfectly. For brunch, you can expect eggs Benedict with peach martinis on the side. The dinner menu comes with a full range of steaks and delectable desserts. Make sure to stop by for the restaurant’s current ‘Tuesday Tales of Lobster + Shrimp’. Here you can get generous portions of the restaurant’s celebrated seafood for a steal.

The Bonefish Grill, Pleasant Ridge Town Center, 11525 Cantrell Rd, Little Rock, AR, USA, +1 501-228-0356

The Rail-A Pizza Company © The Rail-A Pizza Company
The Rail-A Pizza Company | © The Rail-A Pizza Company
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The Rail-A Pizza Company

The Rail-A Pizza Company is the perfect place to get pizza by the slice and an ice cold beer in Rogers. The manager creates a friendly atmosphere which will have you coming back for more. Plus, the range of pizza toppings is truly impressive. A menu highlight is the ‘Everything’ pizza, which, as the name suggests, includes everything that you could think of adding to a pizza. This restaurant is a little pricier than you might be used to for a slice. However, it more than makes up for it in terms of quality.

The Rail-A Pizza Company, 218 S 1st St, Rogers, AR, USA, +1 479-633-8808

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Heirloom Food and Wine

Health-food destination Heirloom Food and Wine is one of the most popular restaurants in Rogers. It is usually advisable to place a reservation. It’s not hard to see why – the owners make a point of supporting local producers and creating a rustic atmosphere to reflect their business ethos. The restaurant’s trademark is to take high-quality vegetables and give them minimum fussy preparation. This is to present a dish that is truly delectable. The menu changes every week to reflect local produce and recent inspiration. Check out their Facebook page to see details of their latest creations, such as coconut milk custard and zucchini hummus.

Heirloom Food and Wine, 113 S 2nd St, Rogers, AR, USA, +1 479-936-8083

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Levi’s Gastro Lounge & Bar

Levi’s Gastro Lounge & Bar have regular live music, so check out their website to time your visit for when your favorite bluegrass band is in town. The restaurant is an historic building which has been part of the town’s community for more than 100 years. It first operated as a bank, before taking the form of several different restaurants until current owner Levi Rush opened his own restaurant. Menu highlights include truffle-infused ribeye steaks and made-to-order donuts. Portions are huge, even for appetizers and sides. This makes it the perfect place to grab a cocktail and a platter to share between friends.

Levi’s, 224 S 2nd St, Rogers, AR, USA, +1 479-372-6640

Hamburger | © Levi's Gastro Lounge & Bar
Hamburger | © Levi’s Gastro Lounge & Bar
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The Green Bean

This restaurant could become your new favorite spot for lunch. The Green Bean is the place to go to indulge while still choosing a healthy option. While burgers and fries surely have their place, sometimes you need a balanced meal based around fresh, organic fruit and vegetables. The menu is concise, but includes a creative selection of soups, sandwiches, salads and sweets which will convert even the most die-hard burger fan. While the sandwich selection is heavy on meat, the menu always includes several irresistible soups. The soup flavors include black bean and shiitake mushroom.

The Green Bean, 5208 Village Parkway #11, Rogers, AR, USA, +1 479-464-8355

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Susie-Q-Malt Shop

Susie Q Malt Shop is one of the original drive-in restaurants in the area and has reached institution statue after being part of the Rogers dining scene for more than 50 years. Some local families have been frequenting the Malt Shop for generations. The owners repay their customers’ loyalty by supplying huge portions of classic dishes at affordable prices. The menu includes a full range of burgers and hot dogs. However, the real reason for heading to this restaurant is for the malts, which come in a huge range of flavors. These include butterscotch and cherry.

Suzie-Q-Malt Shop, 612 N 2nd St Rogers, AR, USA,

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Smokin Joe’s BBQ Ribhouse

Smokin Joe’s BBQ Ribhouse has served the best barbecue in Rogers for the past 22 years. The menu is exactly what you’d expect from a barbecue restaurant in the Southern states. There are burgers, nachos and burritos galore, all served with a huge range of sides that are sure to satisfy your appetite. The proprietors focus on the quality of every aspect of preparing barbecue dishes. They only source from the finest local suppliers and use real wood to cook their meat. As a result of their hard work, the restaurant has been recognized as the best barbecue in the area multiple times by county radio stations.

Smokin Joe’s Ribhouse, Walnut Plaza Shopping Center, 803 W Poplar St, Rogers, AR, USA

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Theo’s is advertised as a steak restaurant, but in reality, it has so much more to offer. Along with filet mignon and ribeye steaks, the menu also supplies a huge range of pastas and seafood dishes. They come at more affordable prices than traditional meat dishes. A menu highlight is the tempura avocado and tuna tacos, and the bacon bleu cheese mashed potatoes. They also have a great selection of wines and cocktails, and include a fantastic happy hour deal. This is perfectly complemented by a range of share plates and bar food. Included are delights such as as duck confit quesadillas, spicy calamari and grilled shrimp bruschetta.

Theo’s, 3300 Market St #100, Rogers, AR, USA, +1 479-657-6720

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Monte Ne Inn Chicken

Monte Ne Inn Chicken is the unofficial home of southern-style fried chicken in Rogers. The restaurant’s menu is unusual, mainly because they don’t have one. Every meal starts with a crock of bean soup, before being served an all-you-can-eat meal of fresh fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy and cream corn. This is rounded off with a selection of cobblers, cheesecakes and hot fudge cake. This menu set-up may not be for everybody. But for dedicatees of fried chicken, it’s the closest thing to heaven. The restaurant attracts patrons from all over the state who want a fuss-free approach to Southern dining.

Monte Ne Inn Chicken, 13843 AR-94, Rogers, AR, USA, +1 479-636-5511

JJ’s Grill on the Lake

JJ’s Grill on the Lake has built a reputation as both a great restaurant and a nightlife hotspot in Rogers due to its nightly live music and friendly atmosphere. Their fan base includes everyone, from local musicians who value JJ’s support, to friends who want to gather for great live music and happy hour, to local families who appreciate the restaurant’s ‘Kids Eat Free’ option. The menu is a classic mix of Tex Mex and all-American. It includes a huge range of jalapeño burgers, tacos and nachos. The serving staff also make a point of ensuring everyone feels welcome. They get to know the customer base, so you’ll feel right at home the moment you step through the door.

JJ’s Grill on the Lake, 1 Prairie Creek Marina Dr, Rogers, AR, USA, +1 479-925-7280