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The 10 Best Restaurants In Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Picture of Bethany Currie
Updated: 9 February 2017
Perched on the banks of the Arkansas River is the small city of Pine Bluff, not too far from the state capital Little Rock. The city is full of history and tradition, having played a part in the Civil War and then been witness to social unrest during the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. Take a look at The Culture Trip’s recommendations of the best places to eat in town.
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Leon’s Catfish And Shrimp

For a true taste of the South, Leon’s Catfish and Shrimp is a lovely restaurant offering traditional home cooking in a welcoming setting. Favorites include hush puppies, charbroiled chicken, and, of course, fried catfish, all washed down with some iced sweet tea. With friendly Southern hospitality from the servers, Leon’s is a great place for the family for a casual meal out. The restaurant also offers steaks for those who aren’t fans of seafood.

Address: 3801 Chapel Village 18, Pine Bluff, AR, USA, +1 870 879 3150

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El Sol Mexican Restaurant

For generous portions, great service and, most importantly, excellent quality food, El Sol is the place to go. The menu features a great selection of Mexican favorites, including chimichangas, burritos, and enchiladas, all packed full of authentic flavors and spices. The restaurant also offers specials that change regularly, while the interior is light and inviting with a great family atmosphere. El Sol is also a wonderful spot for birthdays and other events, with the team happy to cater for any special arrangements.

Address: 3801 S Camden Rd, Pine Bluff, AR, USA, +1 870 879 2820

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Irish Maid Donuts

While not a restaurant as such, Irish Maid Donuts can certainly offer some filling snacks. The best time to go is early in the morning, when the donuts are freshly baked, and while there are still some left. The donuts come with different glazes and fillings, plus there are other bakery options available, such as cinnamon rolls, if you’re not in the mood for donuts. Visitors can eat in or take away. Irish Maid Donuts has become a Pine Bluff insitution since it opened in the 1960s, so it is a must-visit for anyone in the area.

Address: 2320 S Blake St, Pine Bluff, AR, USA, +1 870 879 9920

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Wright’s Ranch House BBQ

With a Southern-inspired interior (think cowboy-style saloon bar), Wright’s Ranch House is a welcoming spot, with a Southern menu offering catfish, steaks, bbq pork, and a few Tex-Mex options, among others. There is also a good quality salad bar and a wide selection of sides. With friendly and quick service, eating out at Wright’s is a lovely experience for the entire family.

Address: 6220 Dollarway Rd, White Hall, AR, USA, +1 870 329 5359

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Rich’s Burgers

For the classic American burger, Rich’s Burgers is the best place to grab one in the Pine Bluff area. While it is a fast-food restaurant, the burgers are of a high standard with delicious juicy meat patties. The burgers are cooked to order, and the menu also offers chili dogs, shakes and, of course, fries. The only downside is that it’s only open for lunch.

Address: 102 N Walnut St, Pine Bluff, AR, USA, +1 870 536 6950

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Colonial Steakhouse

Colonial Steakhouse is one of Pine Bluff’s most classy places to eat, offering not only steak but also seafood. The restaurant feels upmarket but is not exclusive, and is welcoming to families. The prices are a little higher than many other places around town, but they are still not expensive and reflect the quality of the food, plus the portions are generously sized. The place is popular with locals looking for a sophisticated meal for a special occasion or simply just looking for the best steak in Pine Bluff.

Address: 111 W 8th Ave, Pine Bluff, AR, USA, +1 870-536-3488

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Lybrand’s Bakery

With two convenient locations within Pine Bluff, Lybrand’s Bakery has been a Pine Bluff institution since it opened back in 1946. The bakery offers classic items such as donuts and pastries, while there is also a deli section offering main meals, including juicy burgers and lasagna. It is an excellent spot for breakfast, lunch, or just a light snack.

Address: 2900 S Hazel St, Pine Bluff, AR, USA, +1 870 534 4607

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Chef Lee

Chef Lee is a favorite with Pine Bluff locals, thanks to its enticing buffet selection, which is full of great authentic flavors. The restaurant has a lovely family atmosphere, with a wide selection of different foods to cater for all tastes. Although it’s primarily a buffet restaurant, freshly cooked food is constantly being brought out, made with fresh ingredients, many of which are produced locally. The full buffet is open for both lunch and dinner, making it a great place to eat at any time of day.

Address: 502 Mallard Loop, Pine Bluff, AR, USA, +1 870 850 0266

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Kibb’s Bar-B-Que

With eat-in and drive-through options, Kibb’s is a tasty barbecue joint offering Southern favorites such as smoked pork sandwiches, spare ribs, and pulled beef. The menu is simple but packed with delicious options — although it is not recommended for vegetarians! The restaurant has a lovely small town feel to it and is a favorite with the locals. For simple but tasty Southern food, Kibb’s is a fantastic spot.

Address: 1400 S Blake St, Pine Bluff, AR, USA, +1 870 535 8400

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Anne’s Country Cafe

Anne’s Country Cafe is a lovely nostalgic spot, with an interior decorated with vintage signs, posters, and other blasts from the past, and classic old-school booths for seating. The food is home cooking at its best, with dishes such as hamburgers, bbq sandwiches, chicken fried steak, and a selection of breakfasts served all day. Friendly Southern hospitality from the servers makes Anne’s Country Cafe a welcoming place for all ages and is truly a place for comfort food.

Address: 3714 S Camden Rd, Pine Bluff, AR, USA, +1 870 879 0057