It’s So Hot In Phoenix These Enterprising Souls Cooked a Frozen Pizza In the Sun

© Michael Foox / Flickr
© Michael Foox / Flickr
Photo of Kathryn Maier
Nyc Food & Drink Editor21 June 2017

That old dad joke about frying an egg on the sidewalk? Some Phoenix journalists took it a step further yesterday.

Phoenix, AZ, has been seeing some warm weather this week, and it’s been causing some problems. It was too hot yesterday for smaller aircraft to physically get aloft, so flights were cancelled. The KFC sandwich remains earthbound. And, in yesterday’s 120-degree heat, an enterprising group of newspaper reporters (a profession known for its love of pizza) set a frozen supermarket pizza outside, in a parking lot, on a bed of aluminum foil to see whether it was hot enough for the pizza to cook in the sun to an edible state.

It did.

Reporter Antonia Farzan kept the world posted in real-time via Twitter on the Phoenix New Times’ pizza experiment.

It took about two and a half hours for the cheese to melt and the crust to puff. “If you eat just the cheese, it’s really good,” said one intrepid and hungry newspaper employee. ”It’s not as poisonous as I expected. I’m not tasting the pollution,” commented another.

The overall verdict? Not bad, they said.

A Fresno, CA paper’s rival attempt to bake cookies on a car dashboard did not go as well, however.

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