The Best Coffee Shops And Cafes In Anchorage

The Best Coffee Shops And Cafes In Anchorage
Like any great city, Anchorage has a multitude of coffee shops and cafes that helps keep both the local and tourist populations alert, awake and productive throughout their days. The coffee industry has been growing steadily in Alaska, with a number of locally-owned cafes and roasting companies. Here’s our guide to some must-try cafes in Anchorage.
Side Street Espresso © Mel Green/Flickr

Side Street Espresso

This locally owned coffee shop is a great place to get your java fix and experience a taste of the unique community of Anchorage. Side Street Espresso certainly isn’t your regular old coffee shop. Stop by when you’re in Downtown Anchorage and try their mocha, latte, or Captain’s Midnight for a real caffeine jolt.

Side Street Espresso, 412 G Street, Anchorage, AK, +1 (907) 258-9055

Dark Horse Coffee © Jason Riedy/Flickr

Dark Horse Coffee

If you’re looking for a quaint cafe with a sense of humor, then this is the place to visit for your coffee fix when in Anchorage. Dark Horse Coffee is a family-owned coffee shop that provides delicious tasting drinks with lines like, ‘We serve cold brew colder than your ex’s heart.’ They use only the freshest of ingredients for drinks and food items, which include wonderful cappuccinos, macchiatos, breve lattes, a large variety of candy, and exquisite quiche. When you really need to wake up your senses, try their unique Red Bull smoothie.

Dark Horse Coffee, 646 F Street, Anchorage, AK, +1(907) 279-0647

Kaladi Brothers Coffee

This rapidly growing coffee shop chain is native to Anchorage and is competing with the likes of Starbucks the most populous city in Alaska. Kaladi Brothers Coffee, with a host of locations throughout Anchorage is known by its logo featuring a red goat and is a definite must-try. They bottle their own cold brew and roast their own beans, making for a delicious array of drinks – be sure to try their cafe au lait, mocha, or their signature red goat beverage.

Kaladi Brothers Coffee Downtown, 621 West 6th Avenue, Anchorage, AK, +1(907) 644-7438

SteamDot Coffee

A growing coffee company that has been receiving a great deal of attention lately for perfected beverages and divinely smooth roasts is SteamDot Coffee. Their beans are roasted fresh daily and the coffee is always stored in airtight containers until consumption time so that exposure to the atmosphere doesn’t interfere with the taste. They also bottle their own cold brew and make homemade chocolate ganache for their amazing mochas.

SteamDot Coffee, 10950 O’Malley Centre Drive, Anchorage, AK, +1(907) 344-4422

Boheme Coffee Lounge

Art-admiring coffee lovers can get the best of both worlds at this adorable cafe in Anchorage. Boheme Coffee Lounge, which shares its space with local gallery the Arctic Rose Art Center, is a beautiful space with pretty wallpaper and comfortable upholstered lounge chairs. We recommend their coffee flights as you get four mini-sized portions of their signature beverages, each with a shot of espresso.

Boheme Coffee Lounge, 1443 West Northern Lights Boulevard, Anchorage, AK, +1(907) 330-4081