Prettiest Sights To See In Juneau, Alaska

Photo of Pauline Pechakjian
9 February 2017

Alaska isn’t just a landscape of snow – most of the region is filled with lush green vegetation and beautiful bodies of water, and these spots are abundant in cities such as Juneau. Read ahead to see where you can get the full, gorgeous view of Juneau’s prettiest sights.

Courtesy of Sergey Artunyan | © sart/Smugmug

Mendenhall Glacier

A visit to the capital city of Alaska is incomplete without a tour of one of its most famous and beautiful glaciers. The Mendenhall Glacier attracts multitudes of visitors annually who come to see the 13-mile-long beauty that starts at the Juneau Ice Field, a 1,500 square mile remnant of the planet’s most recent ice age, and reaches all the way to Mendenhall Lake. This glacier is one of 38 major glaciers in the area, and it is located in the Tongass National Forest where it is bordered by the beautiful Coast Mountains. Prioritize your visit to Mendenhall Glacier, as unfortunately due to global warming, the glacier is currently in a continuous state of retreat.

Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center, 8510 Mendenhall Loop Road, Juneau, AK, +1(907) 789-0097

Courtesy of Sergey Artunyan | © sart/Smugmug

Auke Bay

If you’d like to set sail on a little boat while perusing the beautiful atmosphere around you and hopefully sighting some humpback whales, be sure to go whale watching in this region of Juneau. At Auke Bay, you can go whale watching with an experienced tour guide and not only see the beautiful creatures in action, but you can also take in breathtaking views of Mendenhall Glacier, Mount McGinnis, and fresh, blue waters, as well as the bay area itself.

Courtesy of Sergey Artunyan | © sart/Smugmug

Mendenhall Glacier Trails

Although the Mendenhall Glacier is often regarded as the main attraction itself, many visitors are surprised upon experiencing the natural wonderland that exists in the trails that can be taken up to the Glacier. The trails surrounding the glacier go through lush, thick green forests, abundant with vegetation and beautiful flowers, and are most definitely worth the time and effort if you’re up for the walk in the (massive) park. There are a variety of trails to choose from, such as the Photo Point Trail, the Moraine Ecology Trail, the East Glacier Loop, the Nugget Creek Trail, and the West Glacier Trail, which differ in length and required exertion from the hiker. Choose the best trail for you and get ready to load up your camera full of amazing shots.

Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center, 8510 Mendenhall Loop Road, Juneau, AK, +1(907) 789-0097

Eagle Beach | © Nathanael Coyne/Flickr

Eagle Beach

If you want to get a first-hand glimpse of the wildlife Alaska is famous for in a scenic location, stop by this beach. Eagle Beach supports a vast variety of some of the region’s unique marine life, land animals, and even some avian species. If you’re lucky, you just may spot whales, sea lions, and seals in the water, or eagles and Juneau’s famous cranes overhead. Rumor has it that every once in a while, a bear sighting occurs – you just may get lucky and catch one in action! If you want to extend your stay at Eagle Beach, there are a number of cabins available to be rented out for camping purposes.

Eagle Beach, 26 Glacier Highway, Juneau, AK, +1(907) 269-8400

Tracy Arm Fjord | © Andy Cross/Flickr

Tracy Arm Fjord

A great number of visitors to Juneau arrive via cruise ship, and if you happen to do so as well, you’ll probably have the opportunity to see the wondrous beauty of this fjord. The Tracy Arm Fjord is one of the most breathtaking natural wonders of the region, and its sparkling crystalline ice structure and its floating icebergs, surrounded in rich blue waters and bordered with green and purple mountains, making for ridiculously picturesque photography sessions captured through smartphones and cameras. If you’re especially enthusiastic about seeing the fjord close up, you could even take a smaller boat and increase your proximity to the magnificent beauty.