You Could Get Paid $10,000 to Live on a Luxury Resort in Cancun

| © Rodrigo Accurcio / Flickr
| © Rodrigo Accurcio / Flickr
Photo of Alice Johnston
Food Editor11 November 2017

If you’ve ever felt like you’re just too fragile and special for everyday working life, we have the solution for you.

If commuting, answering emails and eating sad salads at your desk have got to be too much, consider applying to be a ‘Cancun Experience Officer’ (CEO).

This essentially means you’ll get to swim in the sea, drink cocktails, eat amazing meals and go to the spa for an actual job.

You could literally be paid to swim in this pool | © Nan Palmero / Flickr

The person picked for the position, advertised by, is officially asked to discover and publicise the region of Cancun and to share blog posts, video and social media content about their experiences.

But to us it just sounds like being paid to go on holiday – and we’re very much into the concept.

If you secure the position, you can look forward to being paid $10,000 a month, living in the area’s snazziest resorts and hotels, accessing amazing-looking clubs and activities free of charge and having absolutely no living expenses.

Don’t you want to be paid to party all night in this glowing cityscape? | © Jorge Nava / Flickr

Chad Meyerson,’s manager says that the new CEO will be ‘the face and personality of Cancun.’

The website states: ‘We are looking for someone who is passionate about traveling, people, and cultures, and can communicate their enthusiasm creatively through video and social media.’

So basically any millennial is qualified.

Lie on this beach = get paid. No brainer | © dronepicr / Flickr

To apply, submit a minute-long video before December 17 detailing why should pick you. You must be over 18, have a valid passport and be available for the job between March and August 2018.

If you’re through to the next round, you’ll be notified in December (along with the 99 other people who’ve got that far) and will be given a new task to do. On January 4 the pool of potential candidates will shrink to 50, and the lucky five final candidates will be flown out to Cancun for the final part of the process.

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