Where to Get the Best Taco in Centro Mexico City

Pico de Gallo │© Naotake Muryama / flickr
Pico de Gallo │© Naotake Muryama / flickr
Photo of Lydia Carey
30 March 2018

The heart of Mexico City is a boon for taco lovers. There are a million unnamed spots that you should try but here are a few more well known names that will get your taco party started. One taco at each and you might just be able to cover the whole list in one day.

Los Cocuyos

Food Stall, Mexican
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Most definitely a favorite in the Centro Histórico, Los Cocuyos is a tiny taco stand with no seating to speak of and a staff that is go, go, going all day long cooking up saudero, tripe and head tacos. There is always a line down the street and the salsas bite just enough. They are at their spot almost 24 hours a day, so whenever the craving hits you, go ahead.

El Huequito

Restaurant, Mexican, $$$
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chicharron de queso
Chicharrón de Queso | © Chimpanz Ape / Flickr

Chicharron de queso, alambres, tacos, burritos, soups and more, Huequito has it all and has been a long-time tradition in the neighborhood. They are a full service restaurant as opposed to just a simple taco stand and have several locations throughout the city. Try the chicken adobado tacos and the roast beef ribs, both specialities.

Tacos de Canasta Los Especiales

Restaurant, Mexican, $$$
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Tacos de canasta are a type of taco that is steamed, with a filling already inside, making them sort of fall-apart-delicious. This restuarant started out as a street stand like most tacos de canasta are sold and now has giant metal “baskets” that sell all types of soft, chewy tacos including refried beans, beef in adobo, potato, green mole and chicharron. You can get 5 tacos and a soda for 33 pesos and enjoy the breakfast of champions!

Las Paisas

Food Stall, Mexican, $$$
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Pico de Gallo │ | © Naotake Muryama / flickr

Las Paisas might seem like just another grilled meat taco stand. They have bistek, longaniza, al pastor, and combinations of them, but here the toppings are king. Diners can add whole black beans, pico de gallo (a rough-chop salsa with onion, tomato, and chile), potatoes with poblano peppers, and grilled onions. Don’t miss their great flavored waters and hand-made, fresh tortillas.

Al Andalus

Restaurant with Rooms, Middle Eastern, $$$
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One of the city’s oldest Lebanese restuarants, Al Andalus is tucked back into a tiny house in the La Merced neighborhood. Besides excellent traditional Lebanese fare — falafel, baklava, etc. — they have some delicious tacos arabes on the menu. Tacos arabes are a bit like tacos al pastor but with a more middle eastern seasoning. Come early, they are often packed for lunch.

Coox Hanal

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Salsas at Coox Hanal │ | © Krista / flickr

For some amazing tacos de cochinita pibil (slow-roasted suckling pig in a citrus-achiote sauce) check out one of the Centro’s most famous spots for Yucatecan food — Coox Hanal. While its name might seem unpronounceable, its tacos are more than edible. Make sure that you add the requisite lime-soaked onions and habanero peppers as well as a dash of salsa. While you are there, check out some of the other great regional dishes on their menu.

Salon Corona

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An afternoon at Salon Corona | © * CliNKer * / Flickr

Sometimes cantinas can be a mellow affair, but never the Salon Corona. Come on a day when there’s football on and you won’t be able to hear yourself think. Come on any other day and you still might not. There are several locations, but Bolivar street downtown is a classic one, make sure you try some of their tacos al pastor from the giant spit outside, a few quesadillas and the octopus torta (trust us). Come prepared to wait at least a few minutes to be seated, we promise you it’s worth the wait.