The Best Margarita Bars In Mexico City

Margarita | © Lee Coursey/Flickr
Margarita | © Lee Coursey/Flickr
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Northern England Writer9 February 2017

When you think of Mexico, you think of margaritas. This refreshing drink, typically made from tequila, triple sec, and lime or lemon juice, is perfect on a summer day — though if you drink too many, it may not leave you feeling as fresh as the daisy for which it’s named. Mexico City is full of quirky bars and cantinas where you can pick up some great versions of this classic. Here are the best options the capital has to offer.

Licorería Limantour

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A renowned and highly rated Mexico City bar, Licorería Limantour is one of the best places to get your margarita fix in the Mexican metropolis. Located in the infamously hipster Roma Norte neighborhood, this watering hole is suitably trendy and is regularly packed with locals and tourists due to its reputation and appeal. However, if you want to break away from their noteworthy margaritas al pastor, which use Cointreau and miel de agave, they also offer a rotating, monthly cocktail menu.

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Helado Obscuro Bar

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Best known as a quirky ice cream parlor with branches in Colonia Roma, Coyoacán, Polanco, Del Valle, and Miguel Ángel de Quevado, the location you really want to visit is the Zona Rosa branch on Calle Liverpool. At this branch of Helado Obscuro you can find straight-up cocktails at the appropriately named Helado Obscuro Bar. Their margaritas, made from the ice cream that they serve, are refreshing, and make for a unique drinking experience.


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Located in Polanco, this hip restaurant is known for both legendary margaritas and a legendary story of how it came to be. Supposedly named after Mexico City resident Malamén, who allegedly wrote a cookbook with the desire to one day open her own restaurant, the restaurant’s house margarita (the Lamartine Méndez Margarita) is also inspired by her recipes. Using the classic combination of Tequila 1800 Reposado and Cointreau and lime juice, this version also includes fresh figs and fig jam. Plus, the glass is not salt-rimmed, as per her preference.

Villa Maria

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If quantity is your key concern when searching for the perfect margarita, then Villa Maria is the place to be. This restaurant is well known for its super-sized and reasonably priced margaritas, which come in an array of flavors. The tamarindo version is a particular favorite, as is the margarita azul. Made from a concoction of tequila and blue curacao, it’s a frozen treat you should indulge in on your next visit.

Puebla 109

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Another well-known Roma bar is Puebla 109, rather inventively named for the exact location at which you can find it. While it is well worth a visit even if you don’t want a margarita, it also offers some of the best tequila-triple sec cocktails in the city. Their smoky margarita uses a tequila blancoalongside Cointreau and a eucalyptus-smoked passionfruit, which is covered in spicy salt crystals. For a margarita that offers all the taste of the classic with a bit of a twist, Puebla 109 is the best bar to visit.

Dulce Patria

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Dulce Patria, owned and operated by chef Martha Ortiz, is an exceptional restaurant that offers high-concept versions of traditional Mexican cuisine; think coconut- and rose-flavored white fish ceviche, garnished with rose jelly, because that’s the type of extraordinary food you can expect to find here. Their margaritas are nothing to sniff at, either, with their eponymous Dulce Patria margarita stealing the show. A fetching pink color that matches the restaurant’s vibrant floor, it comes topped with cactus flower and golden sugar, offering a sweet take on this salty favorite.