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Coyoacán | © Fido/Flickr
Coyoacán | © Fido/Flickr
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Where To Eat In Coyoacán, Mexico City

Picture of Lauren Cocking
Northern England Writer
Updated: 18 September 2016
Coyoacán is a vibrant neighbourhood of Mexico City, perhaps best known for being the birth, life and death place of popular artist Frida Kahlo. However, it is also one of the best areas in the city for food – from street food, to desserts and everything in between, these are the top places you should be eating at next time you’re in Coyoacán.


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Mercado de Coyoacán/ Tostadas de Coyoacán

A famed spot in Coyoacán is the sprawling market, which is known for its fantastic food, Mercado de Coyoacán is a classic dining destination and one at which you can’t go wrong. While you can grab a version of pretty much anything you want here – think tacos, gorditas, enchiladas – the place to be is the Tostadas de Coyoacán stall. This popular spot sells crispy tortillas (tostadas) topped with all manner of delicious food combinations, such as octopus, ceviche and cochinita pibil.

Tostadas Coyoacán, Mercado de Coyoacán, Calle Ignacio Allende No.49, Del Carmen, Ciudad de México, México, +52 55 5659 8774

Tostadas de Coyoacán | © Enrique Vázquez/Flickr & FlyingCrimsonPig/Flickr

Tostadas de Coyoacán | © Enrique Vázquez/Flickr & FlyingCrimsonPig/Flickr

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Super Tacos Chupacabra

From taco stand to popular permanent location, this Super Tacos Chupacabras branch continues to offer up the classic street food taco fillings, like longaniza, beef and pork, except now from a more fixed location. Load your tortilla with the salad and salsa freebies that are offered at this excellent spot and enjoy your nighttime treat. Perfect pre- or post-night out, Super Tacos Chupacabra won’t disappoint.
Super Tacos Chupacabra, Avenida México Coyoacán Sn Local 1, Xoco, Del Carmen, Ciudad de México, México


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Café Negro

If you want somewhere a little less hectic than the market, instead head to Café Negro, a welcoming spot just off the central garden. Alongside the typical roster of chai teas, Americanos and lattes, they also serve up some delicious sandwiches in a variety of flavour combinations. Still not satisfied? Treat yourself to a dessert in the form of a soft pretzel or a churro.

Café Negro, Centenario 16, Coyoacán, Ciudad de México, México

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La Casa del Pan Papalotl

If you’re a fan of organic food but not so happy about the prices normally charged for such dishes, La Casa del Pan Papalotl is a fantastic middle ground option. Drop by for the breakfast packets, which include juice and coffee, or just order whichever of the other well-prepared and exquisitely sourced dishes that takes your fancy. We recommend trying out any one of the artisanal breads that they dish up here.

La Casa del Pan Papalotl, Av. México #25-B, Coyoacan, Del Carmen, Ciudad de México, México, +52 55 3095 1767


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La Talavera

Your classic Mexican fonda, La Talavera has quite the reputation in Coyoacán and is the restaurant to visit if you’re looking for well-prepared, refined and traditional Mexican dishes and comida corrida. Pozole, enchiladas and aguas frescas are all on the menu at La Talavera, which can be washed down with a refreshing national beer. Check out their Facebook page for regular menu updates.
La Talavera, Gómez Farias 117 Esq. Paris Local A y C, Del Carmen, Ciudad de México, México, +52 55 5659 1939

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El Merendero

For something a little different in this ostensibly Mexican neighbourhood, El Merendero is a restaurant putting a twist on the typical dining experience. This 1950s themed restaurant serves typical American diner dishes, such as delicious hamburgers, rich milkshakes and fluffy pancakes. With quirky names for each dish, it certainly makes for an unforgettable experience in Coyoacán.

El Merendero, Calle Higuera 22, Delegación Coyoacán, Barrio La Concepción, Ciudad de México, México, +52 55 6363 0975

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La Barraca Valenciana

Most well-known for its tortas (sandwiches), La Barraca Valenciana is a stalwart of the Coyoacán dining scene and continues to be so – with good reason. As the name suggests, they also serve up some Spanish specialities, such as paella. The perfect option for those who are tiring of tacos, La Barraca Valenciana also has an impressive selection of lesser known chelas (beers).

La Barraca Valenciana, Av. Centenario 91 C, Coyoacán, Del Carmen, Ciudad de México, México, +52 55 5658 1880

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Corazón de Maguey

Another famed Coyoacán restaurant is Corazón de Maguey, attracting visitors as well as locals through its doors on a regular basis. Owned by the same people who run Los Danzantes (another great Coyoacán option, while we’re on the subject), this informal spot is always plenty busy. With a selection of Oaxacan dishes, it’s great if you want to try something a little more unusual. Don’t forget to try some mezcal while you’re there.

Corazón de Maguey, Jardín del Centenario No.9A, Coyoacán, Ciudad de México, México, +52 55 5659 3165


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La Casa de los Helados

If all things cold and creamy are your bag, then La Casa de los Helados is the place for you: it does just what it says on the tin and serves up innumerable ice cream options. Combine your flavour selection with a waffle, stick it in a cone or even just eat it from a simple tub. Whichever one you go for, you won’t be disappointed. The banana split here is particularly good.

La Casa de los Helados, Centenario 35, Coyoacán, Del Carmen, Ciudad de México, México, +52 55 5554 5151

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La Ruta de la Seda

Technically a café, you may wonder why we’ve placed La Ruta de la Seda with the ‘dessert’ options. Well, to put it simply, the cakes, pies and sweet snacks that are on offer here are divine and make this place well worth visiting for the puddings alone. Try out a slice of green tea cake on your next romantic date for two here.

La Ruta de la Seda, Calle Aurora 1, Coyoacán, Del Carmen, Ciudad de México, México, +52 55 3869 4888

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Churrería General de la República

Churros are ubiquitous across Mexico City, and in the region of Coyoacán the situation is no different. However, if you want to grab a coffee and a seat with your sugary, doughy treat – rather than picking one up from a street vendor – the original Churrería General de la República is the perfect option. With all kinds of churros from stuffed to simple, sweet to savoury, it’s a great place to pick up a bite.

Churrería General de la República, Av. Fracisco Sosa 1, Av Francisco Sosa 1, Del Carmen, Ciudad de México, México, +52 55 6830 5637