What to Do on a Rainy Day in Playa del Carmen

Rain in Playa del Carmen | © Cristopher Gonzalez / Flickr
Rain in Playa del Carmen | © Cristopher Gonzalez / Flickr
When traveling to the Mexican Caribbean, all you want to do is to hit the beach, the cenotes, and the theme parks. However, sometimes the weather can surprise you with a rainy day. Even with a bit of rain in Playa del Carmen, there are still special and memorable experiences to be had. Below are some tips to have a great time under a rainy sky in this beautiful city on the Riviera Maya.

A morning of Mayan adventures

Start your day with a traditional breakfast in one of the many restaurants along 5th Avenue; they offer a varied menu for all tastes, ranging from Mexican and international cuisine to vegan food. Taste delicious huevos a la Mexicana or molletes (bread with fried frijoles and cheese) with an orange juice. After delighting in the local cuisine, you’ll be ready for some action.

Restarant in the 5th Av., Playa del Carmen © Sean and Lauren / Flickr

A rainy day doesn’t have to be boring – take a chance and do something unusual! How about a Mayan adventure in “Anomalia“? You need an advance reservation at least one hour before the game. Do the online reservation, and meanwhile spend a fun time in the 3D Museum of Wonders inserting yourself into the 60 paintings in three dimensions and shooting funny original photos.

When it’s time, grab your group and make your way to Anomalia – this escape game is about finding hidden clues, solving puzzles, and discovering secrets through several rooms with traps and obstacles. Engage in some teamwork and challenge the Mayan Gods to find the way to escape. This is an exciting activity of teamwork, and the cherry on the top is the great feeling of unity.

Another option is visiting ‘El Acuario de Playa‘, an aquarium, different than ones in other countries because this one shows you the exotic marine fauna of the Mexican Caribbean: more than 14,000 tropical animals of 200 species in 45 exhibits. In one of the rooms, there’s an interactive pond where you’re allowed to touch sea urchins. This can be a good option for families with little kids.

Food, culture, and fun in the afternoon

After an active morning, you will be hungry, so take a break to eat and continue your appreciation of Mexican culture. Try the best in traditional Mexican gastronomy at the Frida Kahlo Restaurant, a fine dining eatery with contemporary design in homage to the iconic artist. Enjoy the ‘Guacamole Primavera’ and the authentic ‘Mole Verde’ while you listen to the beats of Son Jarocho. End your afternoon with a delicious chocolate cake that bears the name of the award-winning film Como agua para chocolate.

In the evening

You might want to go to your hotel to refresh and get ready to continue the journey. Then it will be time to move on to your next destination, and you have two choices: grab dinner and hit the clubs or continue trying the alternative entertainment in Playa del Carmen, beyond the sea and nightclubs. If you choose the second option, go to the Cirque Du Soleil La Joya.

La Joya offers a show-dinner experience with a vibrant performance about the adventure of a teenage girl, suddenly catapulted into the heart of the mysterious jungle of her ancestors. The spectacle has a message of ecological awareness, a good opportunity to reflect on our world. End your perfect day with a couple of cocktails in some of the nice bars along 5th Avenue.

Rain does not stop the magic and fun in Playa del Carmen – its thrilling activities can be the opportunity to have an adventure with your loved ones provided by the magic atmosphere of this city.

Cirque Du Soleil © Focka / Flickr