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Courtesy of María Condesa
Courtesy of María Condesa
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Top 8 Quirky Boutique Hotels in Condesa & Roma, Mexico City

Picture of Lauren Cocking
Mexico Writer
Updated: 16 May 2018
Condesa and Roma are just two of Mexico City’s coolest neighbourhoods, loved by locals and travellers alike for their modern ambiance, art deco architecture, abundance of delicious cafes and restaurants, along with cultural and fashion hotspots. There are also plenty of quirky boutique accommodation options on offer in Condesa-Roma too; here are eight of the best.

Casa Goliana

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Courtesy of Casa Goliana
Courtesy of Casa Goliana
Roma Norte is not just home to several cool bookstores and boutiques, it’s also the location of Casa Goliana, one of the zones quirkiest and most beautiful accommodation options. This early 20th century edifice, which is catalogued by the Instituto de Bellas Artes, is also a relatively fresh face on the hotel scene, having only launched in November 2015. Don’t be put off by this newbie status though, it offers fantastic service in a building that remains true to the architectural era, whilst also managing to feel fresh and modern.
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