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Healing Temazcal | Courtesy of Spa Xbalamque
Healing Temazcal | Courtesy of Spa Xbalamque
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Top 8 Mayan-Infused Spas in Cancun

Picture of Pablo Mares
Updated: 12 May 2017
There are more than thirty Cancun spa resorts, but not all of them have a true pre-Columbian style. Following ancient Mayan traditions still practiced in local communities, with the help of natural elements such as relaxing aromatic oil and medicinal herbs, traditional Mayan massages are an unbeatable way to relax during your visit to the city. Here’s our list of the eight best Mayan spas in Cancun.

Spa Xbalamqué

Its name refers to the protector god within the Mayan mythology, suggesting you will feel safe in the hands of therapists, using oils applied with a gentle massage and the application of hot stones to heal and restore vitality. Located in downtown Cancun, with more than twenty years of service and experience, it has a first-rate reputation among locals and visitors.
Av. Yaxchilan 31 Sm 22 Loc 3A, Interior Hotel Xbalamqué. Cancún, Mexico. +52 998 887 7853

Wellcome| Courtesy of Spa Xbalamque
Wellcome | Courtesy of Spa Xbalamque

Temazcal Cancun

This is a unique spa situated in the middle of the Mayan jungle. Its main attraction is a Temazcal (ancient aztec náhuatl word meaning “house of steam”) made of sandstone and 52 volcanic stones. Through sounds and meditations this temazcal ritual allows direct contact with nature, a symbolic expression of the link between body, soul and mother earth. Forget your smartphone, this is a wonderful experience not to be missed.

Carr. Cancun-Merida Km 302. Calle Flamboyan 8, El Ramonal. Cancún. Mexico. +52 998 168 8252

Mayan rituals | Courtesy of Spa Xbalamque
Mayan rituals | Courtesy of Spa Xbalamque

Kayantá Spa

You could stop by The Ritz-Carlton Hotel where they offer four different kind of massages. You can try the Mayan energetic cleaning using medicinal herbs and copal, performed after sunset in the privacy of the Spa’s beachfront terrace. Alternatively, the Zac-Xib bath elixir – “clean man” in Mayan – will exfoliate and detoxify your body relieving stress and leaving your skin glowing.

Retorno del Rey #36, Zona Hotelera | The Ritz-Carlton, Cancun, Cancún 77500 , México. +52 998 881 0808

Massage | Courtesy of Cancun.Travel
Massage | Courtesy of Cancun.Travel

Village Spa

Take a well-deserved break and let the professional therapists of this spa make tranquility the essence of your visit. Inspired by the energy guardians of the Mayan civilization, its luxury treatment cabins are called Tikales, each of which represent one of the natural elements. A wide variety of facials, massage therapies, body treatments and Mayan rituals will ease all your tension away.

Carretera a Punta Sam Km. 5.2 | Mza 9 Lote 3 SM-2, Cancún 77400, México. 1 877 845 3795

Relax | Courtesy of Cancun.Travel
Relax | Courtesy of Cancun.Travel

Coral Beach Gem Spa Cancun

This spa resort is inside the Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Hotel. It offers the Mayan God’s Ritual with Tiger-eye Stone. This unique experience is a personalized massage with stretching techniques, used by the Mayan to heal sore muscles. This traditional massage includes exfoliation with copal resin, used by ancient Mayans and Aztecs in their spiritual ceremonies.

Boulevard Kukulcan 9.5 | Hotel Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach, Cancún 77500, México +52 998 8813200

Spa| Courtesy of Spa Xbalamque
Spa | Courtesy of Spa Xbalamque

Spa del Mar

Mayan massages are designed to balance the mind, spirit and body, which produces enormous benefits for the immune system and circulatory system. In a harmonious environment with nature that inspires tranquility, Spa del Mar offers its Mayan ancestral wisdom treatment. Combined with burning incense made with healing and aromatic ingredients, this massage promises to cleanse your aura. If you are looking for a revitalizing holiday, this is an excellent choice.

Retorno del Rey Lot 37-1 KM 14 Hotel Zone | Le Meridien Cancun, Cancún 77500, México. +52 998 881 2215

Beachfront terrace | Courtesy of Cancun.Travel
Beachfront terrace | Courtesy of Cancun.Travel

Spa Royal Sands

This corner of southeastern Mexico combines the ancestral wisdom of pre-Columbian cultures in regenerative therapies. The Spa Royal Sands can surprise you with an adaptation of the Samunprai (Pindas oriental therapy) with hot stones and Mayan stretching techniques of the temazcal. You will experience the most pleasurable sensations that will make you feel healthy and transformed.

Blvd. Kukulcan Km 14.5, Zona Hotelera, 77500 Cancún, México. +52 998 881 0100

Hydrotherapy| Courtesy of Cancun.Travel
Hydrotherapy | Courtesy of Cancun.Travel

Nizuc Spa

This spa has a variety of Mayan inspired therapies, beginning with an organic tea ceremony. Providing delicate personalized attention, this spa offers a treatment combining native herbs and plants with ancient Mayan healing rituals and a stress-reducing massage with warm gemstones revered by the Mayans. If you have two hours, you could also try the Mayan Cacao, the food of the gods, used by the Mayan civilization for its mood-enhancing properties.

Blvd. Kukulcan Mz 59 Lote 1-03 Km 21.26, Nizuc, Zona Hotelera, 77500 Cancún, Q.R., Mexico. +52 998 891 5700

Cancun spa | Courtesy of Cancun.Travel
Cancun spa | Courtesy of Cancun.Travel