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Exhibition entrance | © Lauren Cocking
Exhibition entrance | © Lauren Cocking
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This Must-See Mexico City Exhibition Pays Homage to Femicide Victims

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Northern England Writer
Updated: 22 February 2017
An informative and heart-breaking temporary exhibition entitled Feminicidio: ¡Ya Basta! is the must-see show in Mexico City right now. Dealing with the topic of feminicidio (the killing of women simply for being women, often by their partners or family members), it also pays homage to the victims of this brutal crime. While not a uniquely Mexican phenomenon, feminicidio is a grave problem throughout the country and that’s exactly why you need to go and see Feminicidio: ¡Ya Basta! to learn more about this issue and what is being done to combat it.

What is feminicidio?

Feminicidio, as the exhibition tells us, is the act of killing women for simply being women. It’s an act that can be committed by a sexual partner, a family member or even a stranger, as there are different subcategories of femicide; however, the fact remains that this is a relic of a machista society against which something needs to happen. Each day in Mexico, seven women are victims of feminicidio, and the sad likelihood is that their killer will never be brought to justice and their remains may never be found.

Museo Memoria y Tolerancia | © pegatina/Flickr
Museo Memoria y Tolerancia | © pegatina/Flickr
© Lauren Cocking
Exhibit photgraph | © Lauren Cocking

Feminicidio en México: ¡Ya Basta!

Covering the definition of femicide – as well as literally putting visitors face to face with recent victims of this crime – this exhibit aims to inform and move visitors in a compelling way. The one caveat is that all the information is written in Spanish, so if you don’t have some familiarity with the language, you may struggle to take in the full emotional weight of Feminicidio: Ya Basta!. However, some of the images are just as evocative.

© Lauren Cocking
Victims portrayed in the exhibit | © Lauren Cocking

Towards the end of the exhibition, we learn how women not just in Mexico but around the world have now taken action against the act of femicide, standing up to a macho culture that makes this crime possible and all too commonplace. Hashtags like #NiUnaMenos and #VivasNosQueremos are highlighted, and a small booth encourages you to sign up for HeForShe – the feminist organisation championed by the likes of Emma Watson.

© Lauren Cocking
Exhibit photograph | © Lauren Cocking

Overall, this exhibit is a beautiful if horrific melding of art and the harsh realities of life in Mexico for women. From the shots of empty bedrooms, untouched since the disappearance of their owners, to the close-ups of destroyed and weather-worn photos of women that went missing in Ciudad Juárez, it’s both soul-destroying and absolutely essential viewing.

© Lauren Cocking
Exhibition photograph | © Lauren Cocking

The exhibition opened in late January at the Museo Memoria y Tolerancia in Mexico City’s historic centre and will be on view until May 2017. The entrance fee is an affordable MXN$30 for the general public and MXN$15 for senior citizens or those with a valid student card.

Museo Memoria y Tolerancia, Av. Juárez 8, Cuauhtémoc, Centro, Ciudad de México, México +52 55 5130 5555