The Top Ten Restaurants in La Condesa, Mexico City

The Top Ten Restaurants in La Condesa, Mexico City
La Condesa is a beautiful part of Mexico City, popular with artists, intellectuals and business people. It is attractive to tourists for its large parks and stunning boulevards, as well as its largely cosmopolitan scene. La Condesa offers a huge range of national and international restaurants, and rarely shies away from the unconventional. Here’s our guide to ten of La Condesa’s best restaurants.
La Condesa, Mexico City © B G/Flickr

Rojo Bistrot

Bistro, Restaurant, French, $$$
Tomato & Cheese tart
Tomato & Cheese tart | Courtesy of Rojo Bistrot
A most renowned restaurant in the cosmopolitan area La Condesa is Rojo Bistrot, famous for its bohemian spirit and friendly atmosphere. Having very much enjoyed a French bistro in New York, the owners of Rojo Bistro decided to open their own to invite others to experience and appreciate simple but delicious French cuisine in a bistro-style setting. It is a popular meeting place for people of all ages, nationalities and interests but who all share a love of good food. With an irresistible menu, excellent service and great music, Rojo Bistrot will never disappoint.
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Restaurant, Polish, Mexican, $$$
Polish cuisine
Polish cuisine | © Silar/WikiCommons
If you are looking for a break from Mexican food, Specia is the restaurant to visit. Offering an excellent Polish menu, Specia’s famous dish is the pato tin – succulent roast duck, cooked to perfection, with a sweet apple-based stuffed, served with light fluffy mash potatoes and a baked apple dipped in a heavenly blueberry sauce. The dining room itself is rather intimate, but highly popular with locals and tourists hoping to taste the flavors of Eastern Europe, so it is advisable to book in advance, especially at lunch time.
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Azul offers authentic Mexican cuisine of high quality and prestige, which is still affordable. Focusing on every detail from when dishes are being prepared to the moment they are served, dining here is always a charming experience for those who desire an elegant but relaxed evening. Nature adds a dash of freshness to Azul Condesa, with its many plants decorating the dining room which is mostly lit with natural light. Even better is that they offer a seasonal menu, ensuring fresh ingredients for their heavenly traditional dishes from the various regions of Mexico.
Address & telephone number: Azul, Calle Nuevo León 68, Cuauhtémoc, Hipódromo Condesa, Ciudad de México, D.F., Mexico, +52 55 5286 6380


Restaurant, Seafood, $$$
Contramar's dining room
Contramar's dining room | Courtesy of Contramar
When it comes to seafood, Contramar offers the best in the capital. The fashionable restaurant is notorious for its tuna tostadas, which are the most popular choice on the menu for their freshness and exquisite flavor; however this does not mean that the other options are any less delicious. Even with a huge, high-ceiling dining room, Contramar still manages to fill up every lunchtime. However, the service is exceptionally fast, so you will never have to wait long for your meal. Sometimes the queue outside the restaurant may seem long, but the quality of the food is definitely worth the wait.
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Restaurant, Seafood, Mexican, $$$
Iberian pig jowl with poached egg and braised lentils
Iberian pig jowl with poached egg and braised lentils │ | © MeroToro
Located on an elegant boulevard around one of La Condesa’s beautiful parks, MeroToro never fails to attract the city’s elite. The restaurant boasts an excellent surf and turf menu which maintains the customers’ interest: it is constantly being renovated, offering a small but attractive range of starters, mains and desserts, which are all made using local produce as much as possible. MeroToro’s bustling atmosphere does not take away from the luxurious setting, but it is advisable to book in advance if you are planning on having a special evening out!
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Bonito Popfood

Restaurant, Mexican, $$$
Located in a building designed by the celebrated Mexican architect Luis Barragán in 1939, the restaurant Bonito Popfood aims to maintain the original ambiance of the place. With a beautiful internal garden at the heart of the restaurant, several private rooms and a terrace, the atmosphere of Bonito Popfood is simply divine. Leader Ramón Orraca invented a whole new concept within gastronomy – called ‘popfood’ – which is exclusive to the restaurant. This is his name for universal favorites, but with a special touch to make the menu imaginative and exciting, so that you may have a most sensational evening.
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La Bodega

Restaurant, Bodega, Mexican, $$$
Traditional Band
Traditional Band | © Gcorpart/WikiCommons
La Bodega has everything and more of what you would expect to find in cosmopolitan La Condesa: authentic Mexican cuisine, traditional Cuban music, and an alternative scene with a touch of bohemia. The owners aim to surprise with their quirky decor, although the menu is more traditional offering Mexican staples, accompanied by a pleasing wine list and a huge selection of other alcoholic drinks, all of which you can enjoy in the stunning dining room as well as the covered terrace or on the calmer second floor. It is common to find a live band at La Bodega, or stand-up comedy, so if you are looking to be entertained whilst enjoying a great meal, La Bodega is the place to go.
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La Vinería

Bar, Restaurant, Mexican, Mediterranean, Contemporary, $$$
Mexican wine grapes
Mexican wine grapes | © Tomas Castelazo/WikiCommons
If you are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of larger restaurants but still want that special element of La Condesa, La Vinería is the place to go. This is a cozy, romantic wine bar, ideal for quiet evenings out. 16 years of experience has allowed La Vinería to perfect its quality of cooking and service, giving the restaurant a highly professional vibe. Innovation is important to the chefs, who constantly strive to improve their already delectable personal recipes to match the restaurant’s fantastic selection of universal wines. The menu focuses more on Mediterranean and contemporary Mexican cuisines, including items such as the unique tuna sandwich with wasabi, which cannot be found anywhere else in the city.
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Restaurant, Mexican, $$$
Short beef rib with sauce and onions
Short beef rib with sauce and onions | Courtesy of Temporal Restaurante
Temporal literally translated means ‘seasonal’, which is exactly what this restaurant is all about. The menu changes every season, following the course of nature to ensure that they use only the freshest ingredients. Located inside a stylish modern building, this restaurant invites customers to try imaginative and original dishes and cocktails, all of which delight every one of the senses with their textures, colors, aromas and impressive presentation. Praised for its attentive and helpful service, dining at Temporal will prove to be a delight. Sometimes even a cool jazz band will play at the restaurant, adding that final touch of elegance to the sensational Temporal.
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Restaurant, Argentina, $$$
Choripán with chimichurri sauce
Choripán with chimichurri sauce | © Jon Sullivan/WikiCommons
At Patagonia, you will find an attractive Argentine country-grill menu, offering traditional items such as the old favorite choripán(a delicious chorizo sandwich) and the typical succulent meats, which Argentina is renowned for. Their salads are slightly more unique to the restaurant, using unusual combinations of flavors such as in their ensalada patagonica, featuring a mix of mushrooms and smoked trout, delightful to whet one’s appetite before trying one of their delicious main courses. However, the terrace is the thing to look out for at Patagonia, with a rooftop full of hanging plants and a view of the beautiful trees of La Condesa, where you can enjoy a pleasant, relaxed afternoon.
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