The Top 7 Things To Do and See in Hipódromo, Mexico City

Photo of Paula Zamorano Osorio
9 February 2017

Condesa has become a big name in Mexico City for its bohemian scene and cool atmosphere. However, many do not realize that part of this area is in fact called Hipódromo, a little section of Condesa which offers its own personality and style. From green parks to a quaint little art gallery, there is much to see in this modest neighborhood.

Hipódromo, Mexico City | © E.N.K./Flickr

Parque México

The Parque México is an oasis of peace in the heart of Hipódromo and over the years has become one of the city’s most beautiful parks. It is the perfect place to take a peaceful stroll on a relaxed afternoon. The Art Deco is a notable feature of the Parque México, which formerly was a horse-race track belonging to a large manor house. Wander through the lanes weaving their way through the tall trees, see the duck pond and have a rest on a bench to appreciate the beautiful water fountains.

Mexico Park, Av. México S/N, Cuauhtemoc, Hipódromo, Mexico City, Mexico

Lindbergh Open-Air Theatre

Located at the end of the Parque México stands the Teatro al Aire Libre Lindbergh (the Lindbergh Open Air Theatre), a spectacular building boasting five monumental pillars to hold up a door canopy, which mark out the stage area as well as pergolas and a four-piece mural ‘Alegoria al Teatro’ (Allegory to Theatre) designed by Roberto Montenegro. This open-air theater, a symbol of Mexico’s patrimony, was declared re-open at the start of 2015 after much-needed restoration, ready to partake in Mexico City’s thriving arts scene.

Lindbergh Open-Air Theatre, Mexico Park, Av. México S/N, Cuauhtemoc, Hipódromo, Mexico City, Mexico

Parque España

Lying next to the Parque México is the smaller but equally charming Parque España. It was inaugurated in 1921 as part of the celebrations of Mexico’s 100 years of independence from Spain; it had to wait almost 90 years before it became a ‘Territory of Music and Poetry’ in 2009. Some of its attractions are the monument to Mexico’s president and general Lázaro Cárdenas, a picturesque pond with a rustic bridge and hot and cold food stands.

Parque España,Av Sonora s/n, Condesa, Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City, Mexico, +52 800 008 9090

Art Deco Architecture

Many of Mexico City’s neighborhoods boast beautiful architecture, and Hipódromo is no exception. Surrounding the Parque México are impressive buildings and houses of architectural interest, which match the park in their Art Deco style. Examples of structures from the 20s and 30s are the Edificio San Martín and the Edificio México, both of which are noted for being unconventional and modern for the time, with their use of curves and US-influences. Take a walk around this area to see some of Mexico City’s classic architecture.

Edificio San Martín | © Keizers/WikiCommons

Plaza Popocatépetl

A plaza in any neighborhood or city usually marks the center of the area and features something of interest. This is true of the Plaza Popocatépetl, north of the Plaza México, whose single centerpiece attracts attention. This is, in fact, an enchanting white gazebo surrounded by water: the fountain was unofficially named as ‘La Bomba’ (‘The Pump’ as opposed to ‘the bomb’) when locals noticed the power with which water bursts from it. Take a quick visit to this little but charming square in the center of Hipódromo for a refreshing break.

Plaza Popocatépetl, Av México, Hipódromo, Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City, Mexico

Tinta Naranja

Mexico City has its fair share of art galleries, featuring collections from the colonial period up to modern day. One of the capital’s more recent art galleries is Tinta Naranja, a small urban art gallery with an intimate ambiance, in which spectators can appreciate the works on display. These works are generally of emerging Mexican and international artists, offering a diverse selection of artistic disciplines including paintings, statues and graphic design but in particular, photography. This gallery prides itself in being creative, unique and most importantly accessible, so that viewers can truly enjoy their visit.

Tinta Naranja, Av Amsterdam 254, Centro, Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City, Mexico, +52 55 5564 3177

Culinary adventures

Hipódromo understands that cuisine is a prominent aspect of Mexican culture, and since it is a relatively calm area, exploring restaurants and cafés is a very inviting activity. When it comes to food, there is always something to explore, whether it is a restaurant or a single item on the menu. This neighborhood is full of excellent eateries, offering everything from a tasty taco to incredible French cuisine, vegan restaurants to organic cafés, charming bakeries to quick taco vans: the dining possibilities in Hipódromo are endless.

Tout Chocolat, Mexico City | © Nicholas Lundgaard/Flickr

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