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The Best Breakfast And Brunch Spots In Manzanillo, Mexico
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The Best Breakfast And Brunch Spots In Manzanillo, Mexico

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Updated: 17 November 2016
The coastal city of Manzanillo in Mexico is a popular destination for holiday-goers eager to soak up the sun on its beaches, of course, taste the delicious local cuisine. We discover the best places to enjoy breakfast and brunch in picturesque Manzanillo.
Chantilly Manzanillo
Buenos días/Courtesy of Chantilly
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This all-rounder prepares a wide variety of local dishes, traditional and modern breakfasts and fresh coffees. Chantilly is the best place to devour a generous plate of huevos divorciados, mouthwatering chilaquiles, bolillo bread and a hot cup of aromatic café de olla. Located in Manzanillo’s main plaza, Chantilly is popular among locals. It is always bustling with people and life. This place should be on your list if you are looking for authentic Mexican breakfast or brunch in the town.

Calle Francisco I. Madero 60, Manzanillo Centro, Manzanillo, Col., Mexico, +52 314 332 0194

Blueberry Cafe and Bistro
Buenos días/courtesy of Blueberry
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Blueberry Cafe

Blueberry Cafe Bistro offers stylish European breakfasts, brunches and dinners in an elegant environment. Here you can have a variety of freshly made pastries, hotcakes, rich omelets, breads and frothy coffees. If you crave something more Mexican, traditional breakfasts are also available. Blueberry has been one of the most visited breakfast and brunch spots in Manzanillo for a good reason: everything is fresh and delicious. The nicely decorated interiors add an artistic tone.

Avenida la Audiencia, Manzanillo, Col., Mexico +52 314 137 1441

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Cafe Bean

Cafe Bean is famous for its excellent homemade panini, baguettes, pastries, and big variety of Mexican breakfasts. This simply, yet stylishly decorated cafe serves wholesome food to start the day together with the all important cup of its signature fresh coffee. The portions are generous and so is the hospitality at this unpretentious family-owned restaurant. Cafe Bean’s enthusiastic fans come here to get their daily dose of caffeine, eggs, sautéed potatoes and breads.

Miguel de la Madrid 145, Santiago Centro, Manzanillo, Col., Mexico, +52 314 333 2499

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Juanitos Restaurant

Juanitos has been in Manzanillo since 1976 and it is one of the oldest restaurants in the area with a long tradition as an all-rounder in the city. Its classic Mexican and American breakfasts have been popular among locals and visitors alike. Among other North American dishes it serves burgers, scrambled eggs and milkshakes. In a few words, it serves simple no nonsense food that tastes fantastic. It is worth a visit as, by now, it has become part of Manzanillo’s history and cultural identity.

Blvd. Costero Miguel de la Madrid km 14, Santiago Centro, 28860 Manzanillo, Col., Mexico +52 314 333 1388

Shrimp Cocktail
23526 Cóctel El Camarón Grande | © Bill Mc Chesney/Flickr
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Carnes y Marisco Galvan

This simple street-side restaurant offers delicious local food. Carnes y Marisco Galvan is particularly popular for its seafood coctel de camaron (shrimp cocktails) and coctel de pulpo (octopus cocktail), as well as ensaladas de mariscos (seafood salads). It also has shrimp burgers that you can enjoy any time during the day. It also serves North American breakfast classics like eggs and bacon, hotcakes and good coffee. The varied menu offers flavorful choices for all tastes.

Revolucion 9 | Santiago, Manzanillo 28860, México, +52 314 103 6263

Roca del Mar

Ideally situated at the beach in Santiago in Manzanillo, Roca del Mar offers brunch with spectacular ocean views. At Roca del Mar you can get mouthwatering typical seafood dishes like cocteles de camaron, shrimp tacos, and chile rellenos. This is a good quality Mexican mariscos restaurant for the fans of Manzanillo’s famous seafood cuisine and those who want to get a light meal while relaxing by the ocean. This is a simple, local and laidback environment.

Blvd. Miguel de La Madrid Hurtado 2 333, Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico, +52 314 336 9097

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La Vainilla Cafe Creperie

This art cafe specializes in a variety of imaginative warm and cold coffees, fresh smoothies, fruit frappes, hot chocolates, and of course excellent crepes. Creating a rather vintage vibe, La Vainilla hosts a number of art and culture events and is famous as a spot with live music. The spacious and elegant outside patio is ideal to enjoy a tasty brunch in style. It’s young, vibrant, urban fun.

Miguel de la Madrid 1254, Manzanillo, Col., Mexico, +52 314 333 6020