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Architectural details © Angélica Portales/Flickr
Architectural details © Angélica Portales/Flickr
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The Top Brunch Places In San Miguel Chapultepec, Mexico City

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Artsy, up-and-coming Mexico City barrio San Miguel Chapultepec is the perfect place to while away a morning in this vibrant metropolis. Stuffed full of art galleries and bordering the sprawling Bosque de Chapultepec, one of Latin America’s largest inner-city parks, this barrio will keep you entertained for hours. So why not make a day of it and squeeze in a delicious brunch or breakfast at one of our top spots in the neighbourhood?
Delicious brunch
Delicious brunch | courtesy of Café Zena
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Café Zena

This colorful cafe in the heart of the San Miguel Chapultepec neighborhood is the perfect spot to drop by for some brunch, it’s an internet café too so very useful if you need to hunt down your next quirky art gallery in the area. The functional interior features a long communal table, meaning the atmosphere is friendly and sociable, excellent if you’re a lone traveler. However, don’t assume that means every visit is the same, as the vibe in Café Zena often depends on the day’s clientele. Splashes of color are provided by plants and the prices are reasonable.

Address & telephone number: Gobernador Pérez de Tagle 66 A, San Miguel Chapultepec, Mexico City, Mexico, +52 55 2614 1408

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Sal y Dulce

A local favorite, Sal y Dulce offers a wonderful breakfast menu that is worthy of checking out when you’re in the area, whipped up from the freshest ingredients. Choose from the classic egg-dominated Mexican favorites (basically eggs in every conceivable form and combination), pan dulces and juicy, fresh fruits. As it is also a bakery, you must try out some of the delicious pastries and cakes, too, if you’re in the market for a sweeter brunch, and enjoy them in the sleek, minimalist interior.

Address & telephone number: Gregorio V. Gelati 20, San Miguel Chapultepec, Mexico City, Mexico, +52 55 5531 2804

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Deli Lou

If you’re staying in San Miguel Chapultepec and don’t fancy even getting out of bed for brunch, then Deli Lou is the best option for you as they have home delivery on all their delicious morning treats. Specializing in lighter foods, such as baguettes, salads and scrumptious desserts if you’re feeling decadent, Deli Lou is just down the road from Sal y Dulce. This artisan gourmet brunch spot was chosen as one of Chilango magazine’s top delicious food haunts and is highly recommendable. Their top secret rustic pan is the secret to their delectable baguettes.

Address & telephone number: Calle Gobernador Gregorio V Gelati 78, San Miguel Chapultepec, Mexico City, Mexico, +52 55 4444 6334

Delicious brunch | courtesy of La Poblanita de Tacubaya

Delicious brunch | courtesy of La Poblanita de Tacubaya

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La Poblanita de Tacubaya

Proudly and traditionally Mexican, La Poblanita de Tacubaya is a great shout if you’re craving typical Mexican breakfast foods or even just typical Mexican food in general. With an impressive history of catering to the rich and famous of the country, La Poblanita has a good reputation among the citizens of this capital city and you’ll be welcomed just as cheerfully if you decide to stop by for brunch. Their chiles en nogada are just as famous as some of their past clientele, and the mole isn’t half bad either.

Address & telephone number: Luis G Vieyra 12, San Miguel Chapultepec, Mexico City, Mexico, +52 55 2614 3314

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La Ventanita Café

La Ventanita Café has a thirty year history in other locations around the city and has recently decided to expand to this quirky neighborhood-on-the-rise. Specializing in serving coffee through una ventanita (a little window), there is also comfortable terrace seating if you fancy a proper brunch or breakfast experience. As is to be expected, their coffee is excellent, and this is a great choice for caffeine fiends, but their eggs also come highly recommended, as well as their fresh bread. Charming, quirky and quaint.

Address & telephone number: General Rafael Rebollar 95, San Miguel Chapultepec, Mexico City, Mexico, +52 55 5533 6440