The Top 10 Bars In Acapulco, Mexico

The Top 10 Bars In Acapulco, Mexico
Acapulco is a destination favorite and has been for many years. It’s just as famous for its golden, sandy beaches as it is for its nightlife, but with so many tourists coming through every year, it can be tricky to pick out the great places to drink from the overpriced tourist spots. Read on for our guide to the top 10 bars in Acapulco, from ones with spectacular views to ones with great drinks deals.

Sky Garden

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Pelicans | © Martin Garcia/Flickr
A sprawling and sumptuously decorated bar, or perhaps more aptly we should call it a lounge, Sky Garden has a jaw-dropping terrace with numerous sofas and tables for you to sink into with a cocktail. The moody blue-hued lighting really sets the mood and adds to the feeling of luxury you get in this Acapulco bar, with its terrace top pool and candlelit ambiance. Understandably, Sky Garden attracts the wealthy and the beautiful like flies to a honey pot. Dress up smartly for access to this lovely lounge and don’t bank on it being a cheap night out.
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Classico del Mar

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Classico del Mar is a classy establishment, and you can’t miss it as you make your way up the scenic highway, given that the entrance is emblazoned with the club’s name in huge letters. Featuring an open air terrace full of comfortable sofas and low tables, this barfosters a great atmosphere of intimacy but spaciousness at the same time, making it the perfect place to go for a catch-up with friends. If sitting outdoors isn’t your style, the interior is just as sumptuously decorated with mood-setting candles on the tables and a large dance floor.
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Disco Beach

If you want a fun, cheap, and cheerful night out in Acapulco, this is the best place to head to. Disco Beach is popular with the spring breakers that descend in this port town every year due to its low prices and upbeat popular music choices. If you’re not up for hanging out and socializing with teenagers and party people in their early twenties, avoid Disco Beach and head somewhere a bit more upmarket instead. Keep in mind that theme nights are often held here.

Address & telephone number: Costera Miguel Alemán 111, Acapulco, Mexico, +52 744 100 9234

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Holidaymakers love learning to dance in Mexico, and locals love watching them try. Mojitois a great bar that plays salsa, cumbia, merengue, and other Latin rhythms for you to try your hand at dancing. The atmosphere, as a result, is the opposite of uptight and perfect for salsa music and dance lovers alike. The group that plays here is Cuban, so you’ll be getting an authentic experience if nothing else. Of course, in honor of the bar’s name, we recommend you try the mojitos.
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Not one for the fainthearted, Baby’O is an Acapulco favorite that opens late and closes when most people are heading to work. Having been around for over 30 years, this huge Acapulco super club guarantees a good night out. The atmosphere is buzzing and, surprisingly, the average age of the crowd that frequent this club hovers around thirty, so you won’t be surrounded by underage drinkers as is the case in many bars. Bear in mind that the prices reflect this average age and it is recommended to dress accordingly.

Address & telephone number: Costera Miguel Alemán 22, Acapulco, Mexico, +52 744 484 7474

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María María

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Formerly known as Zuntra, the fairly recently renamed María María is a restaurant, bar, and terrace all rolled into one. If you fancy a fancy dinner before drinks, this is a great option, serving a Mexican themed fine-dining menu along with impeccable service. After dinner, ascend to the top floor terrace and enjoy the stupendous view with a cocktail, or perhaps even have a dance. Located as it is on the Scenic Highway, María María is not cheap, but the atmosphere and the quality justify the prices. Check it out.
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Mezcal cocktails
Mezcal cocktails | © Steve McClanahan/Flickr
A newbie on the Acapulco bar scene, Katrinais a cute mezcaleríalocated on the Scenic Highway which offers a select, and excellent, range of mezcaland is decorated with hand painted furniture sourced in Guerrero. If you fancy some food as well as a smoky mezcal, you can also dine at Katrina. If you wish to learn more about this mystical drink, feel free to ask the bartenders who will be only too happy to explain. Admittedly, some Spanish may be required for this night out. Take some friends and make an evening of it at Katrina.
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So, we’ve so far featured bars for those who like rolling home in the early hours, meeting new people, and salsa dancing, but what about the singers among us? Look no further than Acappella. This great little karaoke bar is an atmospheric place to hang out and let off some steam, or even show off your singingskills. You will need to pay a cover charge to get in, but once inside the service is excellent. The sound system is another plus, and it’s well air conditioned for when the acapella battles just get too intense.
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Siboney Piano Bar

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Artesanias, Acapulco
Artesanias, Acapulco | © Martin Garcia/Flickr
Siboney Piano Bar is a classy piano and karaoke barwith a more sophisticated, older vibe than many of the night spots in Acapulco. This makes it perfect for those who want to chill out and really appreciate the music and surroundings, or couples seeking a date night spot. The romantic and refined ambiance are highly recommendable, not to mention the beautiful views over Acapulco bay. We recommend that those looking for somewhere to pre-game before their night out avoid this scenic gem.
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8:00 pm - 5:00 am
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Artesanias, Acapulco © Martin Garcia/Flickr

Baby Lobster Bar

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You can’t miss the eye-catching, brightly colored, and geometric exterior of Baby Lobster Bar. This vibrancy is reflected once you make your way inside too, as the clientele are friendly and the atmosphere is amazing, although a large amount are fellow holidaymakers. You pay a substantial cover to enter, but you are entitled to free bar throughout the night for that price, so if you want the most bang for your buck, head there when it opens and stick it out ‘til closing.
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